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Chapter 24: The Third Alternative: The Whole Man

This society is nothing but corpses walking all around - of course very culturally: corpses, but very polished. They all speak English with an Oxford accent. But corpses, even if they speak with an Oxford accent, are still corpses. They become great politicians, they become great religious leaders, but just look inside those people: they are hollow. There is no substance inside, there is no soul. If they get defeated in one direction, then they start moving in another direction.

Just now I was reading one statement of an ex-president of America, Ford. In a meeting which was called by Governor Atiyeh of Oregon, Ford said that religion and state should not be separate, cannot be separate: this separation is unnatural. Without religion you cannot help man. This is the defeated politician who is now trying to be religious. He never said such a thing when he was president.

He should remember that he was never really a president of America, it was just accidental; he was chosen by Nixon as his vice-president. Now a man chosen by Nixon.can you think of him becoming holy, religious? But because Nixon had to leave, Ford became the president. And then he got it into his head that he was somebody important.

He was nothing; he was just a puppet in the hands of Nixon. And to be a puppet in the hands of somebody like Nixon is to be nothing but a criminal. But because he became president for two years he started thinking that now he could be elected - and he could not be elected, he had no guts. I have seen a few of his pictures when some attempts on his life were made. You can see by his face.I have never seen anybody so afraid. He is so much afraid of death, such a coward.

And when he got defeated.. Now he is taking a different direction. Now he knows politics is not for him; that door is closed. He is talking of bringing religion and state together. I am surprised; Governor Atiyeh silently listened to it, the party was given by Governor Atiyeh. And we are being dragged into the court for the simple reason that we believe, and we experience, that in life nothing can be separated.

Life is an organic unity.

If religiousness has any reality you cannot leave it at home when you go to the office. Then it is not a real thing, if you can leave it at home. Then it is something separate, a thing; it has no life. You cannot leave your heart at home. Wherever you go your heart will be with you, beating.

Religion is your heart - how can you leave it?

Love is your very being - how can you leave it? Wherever you are, you will breathe, your heart will beat. Everything is absolutely organic, united, one.

But from Ford these words don’t mean anything. The same energy that was moving into politics now wants to become holier, to play another game - the game of religion. And Atiyeh must have listened silently because soon he is going to be retired too. It is better to keep silent because after a few months he will have to be religious too.

Religion is for all kinds of retired people.

We are the only people in the whole world who are young and in religion, who are alive and in religion.

Our religion is not something posthumous.

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