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Chapter 15: Truth Said, Truth Dead

Only idiots go on talking about truth.

And those idiots believe that what they are saying is true. They are only saying yakketty-yakketty-yak, and nothing else. They are chatterboxes, but they can believe that they are transferring something to you because they themselves don’t have anything other than the word. So they feel that they have transferred something.

But a man who knows can never feel that it is possible to transfer truth. Yes, he can inspire you to inquire, but he cannot transfer to you the truth itself.

So the first thing is the spirit of rebellion - which implies doubt, skepticism, inquiry. It needs tremendous courage because you will be going against all, all those who are in power. The politicians, the priests, the super-rich, the pedagogues in the universities - they are all in powerful positions.

Your effort to inquire is a declaration against all of them, because they are saying, “Truth has been found by Jesus Christ; you need not worry about it. You simply believe in Jesus Christ.”

Now this is as stupid as somebody saying, “The theory of relativity has been discovered by Albert Einstein. You need not worry about the theory of relativity - simply have faith in Albert Einstein and everything is okay.” Do you think by having faith in Albert Einstein you will understand anything about the theory of relativity? What does your faith in Einstein have to do with the theory of relativity? They are not related at all to each other.

The same is the case with Jesus, Krishna, Zarathustra, Buddha, Mohammed. It is not possible for you to know what Jesus knows, just by having faith in Jesus. In the first place, how do you know that he knows? In the second place, how can you destroy the skepticism which is born in you from your very birth?

Faith is being taught.

Doubt is your natural capacity.

Existence gives you the quality of doubt and the vested interests destroy that quality and cover it with beliefs. Beliefs are in their favor, not in your favor.

I am a little bit crazy because I am speaking against my own profession, but I can’t help it. I could have become a world teacher with millions of followers if I had not been crazy enough to start telling you the truth. The truth is, all the vested interests are against you: your individuality, your nature, your potentiality. They have their ideas, their expectations, and they want you to fulfill their ideals. They want you to become just puppets in their hands. And the more you behave like a puppet, the more respectable you will be.

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