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Chapter 7: I Respect the Individual

The politician is a fool. He is destroying his life and he is destroying other people’s lives. Everybody should live his life, should sing his song and let everybody else be himself. That will be a really human world. So I do not wish to do anything; I simply live, and my people want to live with me. They love me, they rejoice with me. For them, I am their whole world; for me, they are my whole world. Beyond the red clothes, nothing exists.

I don’t know a whole lot about Rajneeshism as a religion. Can you explain to me whether you consider yourself to be God, a prophet, a wise man, a teacher? How do you think of yourself or your followers?

I am not a God - I am not that stupid. Only a stupid God can create this world, this mess, this madhouse. Certainly I am not that idiotic. And I don’t think God can be idiotic, so the only answer will be that there is no God. That’s why this world is in a mess. It is enough proof that there is no God. There is nobody creating, controlling, maintaining; it is all accidental. In a way it is good, because in this accidentalness of existence there is freedom. In fact, the very idea of God creating us is ugly. Then we are puppets; only puppets are created.

To me, existence has always been here. It has no beginning, no end. It is a tremendous explosion of energy in all dimensions. But everything is accidental, nothing is planned. Planning is not the way of existence.

So I am certainly not God. And without God there is no possibility of any prophet, any messiah. God is a basic necessity for a prophet to exist. Moses will be nobody if he does not create the illusion that he has encountered God, and God has given him the Ten Commandments; nobody will listen to his Ten Commandments. But he is using the authority of God, for which no evidence exists - because those Ten Commandments are so simple, ordinary, that any human person of average intelligence can make them. There is nothing special in them, nothing unique, nothing that can prove that they are coming from a divine source.

But to be a prophet you need a God, to be a messiah you need a God. God is an absolute necessity for all those mad people who want to project their egos; without the backdrop of God it cannot be done. So they all insist, “Believe in God.” Once you believe in God, then naturally you have to believe in the messenger of God, in the messiah of God, in the only begotten son of God. Those are logical corollaries.

The moment that I deny there is a God, I have denied all possibility of there being a prophet, a messiah, a messenger. All that is finished. I am simply a human being, just as you are. I don’t have any pretensions of being higher than anybody. Certainly I am different from you, but not higher, not lower - different only in the sense that you are fast asleep and I am awake. But that is not much of a difference. Just a little cold water has to be thrown into your eyes, and you will be awake.

And that’s what I am doing with my people: throwing so much ice-cold water in their eyes.

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