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Chapter 3: I Am Higher

“In that way I show my respect to them. I say to them, ‘I have seen that you have known something of the no-mind, that your ego is no more a solid phenomenon, it is no more substantial; that you don’t hanker for respect. That’s why I am not showing you the formal respect. I know that you have gone beyond the form and beyond the formal.’“

We live in the form and in the formal; we change everything into a formality. Love becomes marriage. Christ becomes the church. Buddha is reduced to stone statues. Great truths become ordinary scriptures to be worshipped. We are really very skillful in reducing every higher thing to the lowest possible. We bring everything to our level.

Rather than going to the level of the buddhas, of the masters, we bring the masters, once they have left the world.. Of course, when they are alive you cannot bring them to your level; they live without any compromise. You have to surrender to them. But once they are gone, then it is very easy: you can make their statues and temples and you can worship them, and everything becomes formal - Sunday religion - comfortable, convenient, but meaningless.

One Hell’s Angel remarked to another, “I don’t see you at the gang bangs any more. What happened?”

“I got married,” said his buddy.

“No shit, man,” said the first cycler, “is legal tail any better than the normal kind?”

“It ain’t even so good,” said the new groom, “but you don’t have to stand in line for it.”

It is comfortable, it is convenient - the legal tail! And man is more interested in convenience than in truth, more interested in comfort than in truth, more interested in security than in transformation.

If that is your state too you are going to miss me, because my interest is not security; I will force you more and more into insecurity. My interest is not convenience; I will force you more and more into rebellion. My interest is only one: truth, because it is truth that liberates; everything else becomes a bondage.

The highest quality man immediately becomes a devotee. The middle quality man immediately becomes a disciple. The lowest quality man remains for years, for lives, just a student.

Look into yourself, where you are. Don’t be just a student here. This is not a school; in fact, the whole process is one of de-schooling. I am not teaching you anything; I am here to help you be transformed. I am not giving you a dogma or a creed or a religion; I am not interested in all these things. I simply want to give you that which you already have - it has only to be provoked.