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Chapter 32: Truth Has to Wait.but Not to Wait Forever

We purchased the land. The man was very happy because he had lost hope that the land could ever be sold. And the government was asking him to give it to them for three million dollars. It was almost a small country - one hundred and twenty-six square miles, three times bigger than Manhattan. And the man was just going to say yes to the government as we entered the scene. We immediately offered him six million dollars. He could not believe it - from three million to six million! Immediately everything was settled. And this was the beginning of conflict with the government. But if the government had really been interested, they could have offered more. They should not have felt offended, it was a simple business matter. And it is not their land either.

The whole world has forgotten completely that the real Americans are the red Americans who are living in reservations in the forests. They have been forced to live almost in concentration camps, an American version of the German concentration camps - far better, because the German concentration camp was barbed wire, guns all around, very crude. The American concentration camp is very sophisticated - no barbed wire, no guards - you cannot say that this is a concentration camp. But this is a concentration camp of a higher order, of a more subtle and delicate quality. What they have done is to give every red Indian a pension - because America belongs to them, it is their country. They don’t have any work, but they get enough pension. All they do is to go on producing more children, because the more children they have, the more pension they will get. Each individual gets a pension.

But you should understand that when you have no work and enough money, what are you going to do? They gamble, they are all drunkards.all kinds of drugs, prostitution, and no worries about anything - every month the salary is there. Salary for nothing, salary for remaining silent about the fact that America belongs to them, that the people who are known as Americans are not Americans. Somebody is from England, somebody is from Italy, somebody is from France, somebody is from Holland, somebody is from Germany, somebody is from Switzerland - from all the European countries, but nobody is an American. They are all foreigners.

And my first conflict with the government was that I told it exactly the same way I am telling you: that the American president is as much a foreigner as I am a foreigner. The only difference is that he has been here perhaps for two generations, three generations - he is a two hundred year-old foreigner. I am fresh. And the fresh is always better than the old and rotten.

I told them: Neither does the land belong to you nor does the land belong to us. And we purchased the land, we paid money; you invaded the land, you killed people, innocent people. You are criminals. If anybody needs permission to live in America, it is you - from the American president to the last American beggar. And if you really mean what you say in your constitution - that you are for democracy, for freedom - if you are sincere and honest, then give the country back to the red Indians. It belongs to them. And apply for your green cards. If they want you here, you can be here; otherwise go home.

And you have killed, you have invaded, you are criminals. We have simply purchased. Sometimes you have also purchased, but your purchase was simply a facade. For example, New York - the whole New York area was purchased for thirty silver pieces. Is this business? Do you think it was done by people willingly, or was it just because at the point of the bayonet, at gunpoint they had to sign: “We sell the land for thirty silver pieces.”

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