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Chapter 7: The Severe Teacher

If you can risk, totally risk, not preserving anything, not playing tricks with yourself, not withholding anything, suddenly the unknown envelops you. And when it comes, you become aware that it is not only the unknown, it is the unknowable. It is not against the known, it is beyond the known. To move in that darkness, to move in that uncharted place without any maps and without any pathways, to move alone into that absolute, the quality of the warrior is needed.

Many of you still have a little of it left.because you were once children; you were all warriors, you were all dreamers of the unknown. That childhood is hidden, but it cannot be destroyed; it is there, it still has its own corner in your being. Allow it to function; be childlike and you will be warriors again. That’s what I mean.

And don’t feel depressed because you run a shop and you are a businessman. Don’t feel depressed; you can be a warrior anywhere. To take risks is a quality of the mind, a childlike quality - to trust and to move beyond that which is secure.

Enough for today.