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Chapter 8: Male Mind, Female Mind, No-Mind

For example, even your questions, your attitudes, are protective. And you don’t know what they are protecting. I know one of you, a very miserly woman - she is here to get enlightenment. But since she has been here she has been asking questions: why the ashram has such a costly car, why I wear a costly watch. What has she to do with the car or the watch? Why are only these questions arising in her mind? Her own miserliness - protecting. I know she is an adamant miser, and unless her miserliness is broken she cannot grow.

That is for me to decide, what car to have or not have. And I have my own reasons, and you cannot understand my reasons. I never use it, but I have it. It is just sitting there. But it did a miracle; it changed many things. I was surrounded by a few misers, marwadis, and they wouldn’t leave me. I purchased this car - they all left. They simply left; they never came again. There were only two possibilities: either they had to leave their miserliness, then they could have been here; or they had to leave me. And since they have gone the ashram has a different quality to it. They were dirty people, but I cannot tell somebody to leave. I have to create a device. That car has done more than its cost, but you don’t know. But you need not be concerned about these things at all.

Gurdjieff used to say, whenever somebody would come he would say, “Give all your money to me.” Many people simply left him because of this; because they had come to a spiritual master and he is after their money. But those who remained, they were transformed. Not that Gurdjieff was interested in their money - he was interested in breaking their miserliness, because if you are miserly you cannot expand. The whole consciousness of a miser shrinks. Miserliness is a constipation of being: you cannot expand, you cannot share. you cannot flow. Miserliness is a neurosis; everything is blocked. And money is the God. To give you a real God your false God has to be broken. The first thing Gurdjieff will ask will be about money.

Even to ask him a question was not so easy as it is for you to ask me. He used to ask one hundred dollars for one question, that means one thousand rupees for one question. And maybe he will say “yes” or “no” - “Now if you have another question, give one thousand rupees again.” When he wrote his first book All and Everything he would not publish it. Disciples were after him: “Publish it; this is a great work.” He said, “Wait.” He will allow a person to look into the manuscript and he will take one thousand dollars - just to look into the manuscript.

What was he doing? And he was not at all interested in money: with one hand he will take, with another hand he will give. He died a poor man; and he must have accumulated millions of dollars if he was interested in money, but he had nothing - when he died not even a single dollar was found. Where did the money disappear to? He was taking from somebody, giving it to somebody else.. He was just an in-between passage for money to flow.

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