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Chapter 6: Intuition and Zen

In ancient times, there were sixteen Bodhisattvas. At the monks’ bath-time, following the rule, they had baths.
They suddenly experienced realization through the touch of the water.

Don’t think it is just a story. If you are really alive and your touch is total, you can become enlightened just under your own shower. This anecdote is being told by some teacher to some disciples. He says,

You reverend Zen students.

Naturally it is not a dialogue between two masters, it is a conversation between a teacher and a student.

“‘We experienced the subtle and clear touch, have attained buddhahood, and still retain it.”
You will be able to attain this condition after seven times piercing and eight times breaking through.

“Seven times piercing” means going through all your layers, which are counted as seven. Only then can you reach to your center. And you will have to do it eight times! It is not a question, why eight? It is simply the experience that unless you go eight times piercing the seven layers of your mind you will not know what your innermost being is.

Just today I received a scientific research survey which has astonished scientists - it will astonish anyone. The survey was done on students to check their intelligence - and meanwhile there were machines detecting the activity going on inside the brain. The puzzling conclusion was that the less activity shown, the more intelligence there was. This was absolutely against the traditional idea: a more active mind has to be more intelligent.

That has been the superstition up to now, even in the eyes of science. But this survey gets rid of something.which the mystic has always been saying: No-mind is intelligence.

Looking at the survey you can see two things: less activity, more intelligence. The natural conclusion will be, no activity, an absolute intelligence, but even the scientists who were doing the survey did not conclude in the way I am concluding.

No-mind means intelligence; mind means gibberish, not intelligence. And when I am asking you for gibberish, I am simply asking you to throw the mind and all its activity out so you remain behind, pure, clean, transparent, perceptive.

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