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Chapter 8: Freedom to Choose

Now, if he is interested, I am here in Pune, and he runs a hotel here. You are here from faraway countries, and he has not come. He is not interested, he is just curious. He is not ready to stake anything, not even coming here. It is not very costly to come here; he could have come. And he knows you are coming here every day, and he knows that you are a sannyasin. He knows that you have staked your life, you have gambled with your life, and he has not even become interested.

Never bring such questions to me. This type of question is foolish; it cannot be answered - because unless you ask intensely, unless you ask from the very core of your being, the question is irrelevant. The question becomes relevant only when you are behind it and you are ready to do something for it: you are ready to pay for it.

God is not available to such people. They are not ready to pay anything. They want God very cheaply. They want God second-hand. Now, you will listen to my answer, and then you will go and tell him. First, you don’t know; you will not listen to what I say, you are bound to carry some wrong message. Of course, your mind will come in, you will distort it: you will add something, you will delete something from it, you will color it with your own mind, with your own interpretation, and then you will take it to him. It is already dead; you have killed it, and then you go and give it to him.

And if in this way inquiries are possible, then books are available. He should go and consult a library; all the answers are written there. And he must have read something, otherwise the question would not arise. He must have heard the word god.

Never do these things. If somebody asks such a question, drag him to me. Tell him, “Come and face this man directly.”

But I suspect that the question is yours, and not the owner of the hotel. But you are not courageous enough to say that it is yours. People are so ashamed, even of asking authentic questions. Why are people so ashamed? - because to ask a question proves that you are ignorant. So people would like to hide behind somebody else’s back: now this “owner of the Grand Hotel” is a perfect place to hide. People feel a little ashamed when they ask a question, because the very idea that “I am asking a question” means that “I don’t know.”

Once it happened:

A man came to me and he said, “My friend has become impotent. Can you suggest something?”

I said, “It would be better for you to send your friend and he can say the truth: that his friend has become impotent. Why have you bothered? You could have sent the friend, and he could have told the truth: that his friend has become impotent. You are not even potent enough to ask a question? Why bring this friend in?”

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