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Chapter 18: Logic Is a Prostitute

I have not yet applied for the tourist visa. I have left aside only one country, Holland, for the simple reason that it is my last hope.

In Holland the suicide rate among teenagers is going up. You once said that the youth is our hope for the future. They themselves don’t seem to have any hope. Can you please say something to them?

I still say that the youth is the hope for the future. But your past generations have killed the very phenomenon of being young; they have destroyed the youth. They have lost the love and the trust of the youth, because they have deceived them so many times that it has become impossible for them to believe the older generations. What the older generations have done to young people, they have been doing for centuries. Now it has come to a climax.

They have repressed the youth as far as their love is concerned. They have not allowed them to choose their partners; they have been trying to arrange marriages for them - and every marriage is a failure. I have not come across a marriage which is not a failure. It may look a success from the outside, but you will have to know the inside story. It is ugly, nauseating. The younger person sees all this: what has happened to the father, what has happened to the mother, what is happening in the family, what is happening in the nation.

The youth are bound to have the clearest eyes - young eyes without any dust. They can see the phoniness of the politicians; they can see that their religious leaders don’t know even the abc of religion. And after the second world war they are in utter frustration, because after the second only the third world war can happen.

Once Albert Einstein was asked, “Can you say something about the third world war?”

He said, “No. I cannot say anything about the third world war, but I can say something about the fourth.”

The questioner was surprised. He said, “This is strange: you cannot say anything about the third, and you are so confidently saying that you can say something about the fourth.”

He said, “Yes, I can say with absolute confidence about the fourth that it is not going to happen, because the third will be the last; it will finish all life on the earth.”

Whose life are you going to finish? The old generations are finished already; they are robots. They have never lived in freedom, in love; they have never known the search for truth.

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