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Chapter 2: The Lilies in the Field Are Enlightened

And when there is no questioning, there is a totally new quality to your consciousness. That quality is called wonder. Wondering is not questioning, it is feeling mystified by existence. Questioning is an effort to demystify existence, it is an effort not to accept the mystery of life; hence we reduce every mystery to a question. The question means the mystery is only a problem to be solved and once solved, there will be no mystery.

My effort in answering you is not to demystify existence but to mystify it more. Hence my contradictions. I cannot be consistent - I am not answering you. I cannot be consistent, because I am not here to make you more knowledgeable. If I am consistent, you will have a body of knowledge - very satisfying to the mind, nourishing, strengthening, gratifying.

I am deliberately inconsistent, contradictory, so that you cannot make any body of knowledge out of me. So if one day you start gathering something, another day I take it away. I don’t allow you to gather anything. Sooner or later, you are bound to be awakened to the fact that something totally different is transpiring here. It is not that I am giving you some dogma to be believed in, some philosophy to be lived by, no, not at all. I am utterly destructive, I am taking everything away from you.

Slowly, slowly your mind will stop questioning. What is the point? When no answer answers, then what is the point? The day you stop questioning is a day of great rejoicing, because then wondering starts. You have moved into a totally new dimension; you are a child again.

Jesus says: “Unless you are like small children you will not enter into my kingdom of God.” Certainly, he means unless you are ignorant again, innocent again, unquestioning and wondering.

There is a difference between the question of a child and a grownup person. The difference is of quality. The child asks not to be answered, he is simply being articulate about his wonder. If you don’t answer the child he forgets about his question and he starts asking another question. His purpose is not to be answered; his purpose is simply that he is talking to himself. He is being articulate about his wonder, he is trying to figure out what it is - the wonder, the mystery. He is not hankering for an answer, so no answer will satisfy him. If you give him an answer, he will ask another question about the answer. His wondering continues.

When a grownup person - educated, sophisticated, well read, informed - asks a question, he asks it out of his knowledge, to gather more knowledge. The mind always hankers for more and more. If you have money, it hankers for more money; if you have prestige, it hankers for more prestige; if you have knowledge, it hankers for more knowledge. The mind lives in the “more.”

This is the way you go on and on avoiding reality. Reality is a mystery; it is not a question to be asked. It is a mystery to be lived, a mystery to be experienced, a mystery to be loved - a mystery to be dissolved in, to be drowned in.

I am answering you, not to answer but to simply destroy the question. I am not a teacher. The teacher teaches you; the master does not teach you, he helps you unlearn.

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