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Chapter 3: The Whole Universe Is a Temple

What does it mean to be born through an inferior conception? It means that generations of the parents’ ancestors have a long chain of evil deeds to their credit. In a single lifetime one cannot accumulate enough evil to account for the conception of a person like Hitler. To produce a son like Hitler, how much evil, how many murders can one man commit in one lifetime? For a son like Hitler to choose his parents, a long chain of evil deeds is required, deeds performed by the parents for hundreds, thousands, millions of years. This means that if a person were to work in a slaughterhouse continuously for thousands of years, only then could his genes, his breed, become capable of attracting a soul like Hitler’s.

The same holds true for a good soul. For an average, ordinary soul there is no difficulty taking birth; there are wombs all over, ready to receive such souls. And besides, its demands are very ordinary. There are the same cravings: eating, drinking, making money, enjoying sex, seeking honor and position - such ordinary longings. Everyone longs for these things, and so the soul has no problem finding a womb. All parents can give any soul the opportunity to achieve all these ordinary things. However, if, in a human body, a wicked soul is inclined to kill ten million people, or a soul wants to live a life so pure that the person will be hesitant to let even the earth feel the pressure of his feet; or one wants to live in such total love that he wants to make sure that even his love does not become a bother to the loved one or anyone for that matter; then such souls may have to wait a long time to take birth.

There are one or two more questions related to this, which we may be able to discuss tomorrow morning. Any other questions someone may have, please write them down and hand over.

Now let’s get ready for the evening meditation. Let me first make a few things clear. I have observed that you sit very close to each other, and this doesn’t allow you to sit without worrying you might fall on somebody else. This situation won’t allow you to go deep. So the first thing you need to do is: be at a distance from each other. It is not as harmful to sit on the bare ground as it is to sit closely. If you like, go to the corridor. But make no sounds, move away quietly. No talking; the whole milieu will get disturbed; after an hour of talking, the milieu gets disturbed. Spread out quietly; where is the place for talking in moving away? What has moving away got to do with talking? Let the legs take care of that and you spread out quietly.

And yes, the friends who want to leave are free to do so, but no one should leave in the middle of the meditation. And those friends from yesterday if they have come changed, that’s okay otherwise they should quietly leave. Yes, those who are to leave should do so quickly so that there is some more room created for those who want to sit down. And no one should be standing or sitting like a spectator; there is no need for spectators here. Yes, those children who are sitting up on the stairs should move from there and should sit down separately. Sit down at some distance, there is no great advantage in sitting close by. Sit down apart and below; don’t sit together. There is risk in your sitting together; you will talk. Just move from there.