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Chapter 11: Rebellion Is a Style of Life

These people here are not my followers. They are just friends who are sharing in an experience which can burn all that is false in them, and can purify that which is their essential individuality, their authentic potential. This is an alchemical school, a school of mystery. I am not a teacher; I don’t have any ideas, concepts.but I have a life to share, I have a love to share, and to those who are ready, I am ready to give all that I have - and in no way will they be enslaved.

The closer they come to me, the more they understand me, the more they will be themselves: that is the miracle.

I don’t believe that walking on water is a miracle - it is sheer stupidity. The real miracle is to wake you up, to bring the message of freedom to you - freedom from all fetters. And I do not replace your imprisonment with new fetters and new chains; I simply leave you in the open sky. I fly with you a little while so that you can gather courage: there is no need to be afraid - you also have wings, just like I have wings. You have not used them; you have never been told that you have wings.

So this is a place where I make every effort that you become aware of your wings, encourage you, push you into the infinite sky which belongs to you. This is a totally different place - it is not a church, it is not a temple, not a synagogue. I am not your savior, and I am not the messenger of any God. A messenger is just a postman and nothing else.

I don’t have a message to give to you, but I have a fire to impart to you. And if this fire is not radical, then nothing else can be radical in the whole world.

In which way do you think your presence in a political party would help people who act politically in this party?

I hate politics. I am not a politician, and I am never going to be a politician.

An invitation has come from the Italian Radical party that they would like me to be their president. I have informed them: I cannot be a member of your party, but I can be a friend - and if you need guidance in bringing more rebellion to your country I can be immensely helpful.

I am particularly interested in Italy because of this pope: until the Vatican is destroyed completely, humanity will not know what freedom is. The pope is not the representative of God, he is the representative of the whole idea of how to enslave people.

Italy has been destroyed by the Catholic religion. Otherwise, in its golden days, when Rome was at its highest peak of glory, it was one of the most beautiful countries in the world - for the simple reason that it was pagan. It had no religion; it believed in life, it believed in love, it was earthbound. Those were the most beautiful days Italy has seen. The whole country was full of Zorbas.

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