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Chapter 28: The Full Stop Never Comes

He went to Dakshineshwar where Ramakrishna used to live in a temple. His disciples were very much afraid. They knew - Keshav Chandra’s arguments are like spears, they go directly to the heart. They can kill a man. And Ramakrishna is so simple.perhaps he does not understand the meaning of argument. Perhaps he does not understand the meaning of the challenge. But from the side of Ramakrishna - he was coming out of the temple again and again and asking, “Keshav has not come?”

Finally, Keshav Chandra came with a group of his intimate followers. Ramakrishna hugged him, although he could not respond to Ramakrishna’s hug; he was withdrawing backwards. Ramakrishna said, “Keshava, you don’t know how to hug people? You know only how to argue? You are missing much that is valuable - human warmth, human love - but it is good that you have come. I am so happy, I have always wanted to listen to your arguments.”

Keshav Chandra could not make any sense of it. He started: “There is no God.”

Ramakrishna said, “What a beautiful statement! Can I hug you again?” And he hugged him again.

Keshav was feeling very embarrassed. His following was feeling very embarrassed - what is happening? And Ramakrishna said, “Did you receive my answer or not?”

Keshav said, “You have not said anything. You have simply hugged me.”

Ramakrishna said, “That is a way of saying things which cannot be said. You said, ‘God does not exist.’ And I say you are the proof that God exists; otherwise, from where such beautiful intelligence?”

Now, how to argue with such a man?

After ten minutes, Keshav Chandra was at the feet of Ramakrishna - “Just forgive me, I had no idea of a man who is not in the mind but in the being. You have made it clear to me. You are not a man of logic, you are a man of love - but love is far higher, logic is mundane. Please accept me as one of your disciples.”

Nietzsche is a great logician, a great philosopher, but he knows nothing of reality. All that he says is mind - guesses, inferences. Assumptions supported by argument may befool people but they cannot befool a man who knows. Nietzsche does not know. But he writes beautifully. He writes very consistently, he reaches to the very heights of argumentation. But these are not things of real, authentic value.

The only thing valuable is experience, not argument. And Nietzsche is absolutely without any experience. He has never meditated, he has never been in his own being. He has never contacted the vast, beautiful universe that surrounds us. It is our womb. We are in it, continuously being nourished.

The West is rich as far as useless things are concerned and poor as far real values are concerned. Nietzsche was “Anti-Christ” for the simple reason that millions of people follow Jesus, and Jesus has not given a single argument to prove his philosophy. And to disprove his philosophy, Nietzsche goes on giving, one after another, hundreds of arguments - beautiful arguments, very refined arguments, but arguments are just arguments. You can go on arguing about love your whole life, but that will not give you the experience of love.

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