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Chapter 28: You Are Eternal

But Sharda said, “Something in his tears, something in his touching my feet, has touched my very heart. Now I cannot be anyone else’s wife - that would be cheating. I have already accepted him as my lord.”

They got married. On the first night, the first thing Ramakrishna did was, he placed her high on a stool and worshipped her. She was a young girl - just maybe thirteen years of age. She asked what he was doing, and Ramakrishna said, “From today you will be my mother, I will be your son. Don’t tell anybody; otherwise they will think we are mad. So to the outside world I will be your husband, you will be my wife; but as far as we are concerned, you will be my mother and I will be your son.” And that’s how they remained: mother and son.

So when he became sick with cancer of the throat, Sharda asked him, “This is unbearable - you loved food so much, and preparing food for you was my only worship. Why don’t you ask God to remove this cancer? If you ask, it is going to happen!”

Ramakrishna said, “If you say, I will ask.” He closed his eyes, then opened them and said to Sharda, “I am sorry. I asked, but he says, ‘You have eaten from this throat your whole life. Now why can’t you eat through the throat of Sharda, of your disciples? All those throats are yours!’

“And he is right, so I will be eating.. So don’t be sad. There is a possibility of such an organic unity that your throat can become my throat, that your hands can become my hands. And if it does not happen, then there is no love.”

Love is the greatest miracle in existence.

Naturally, there is no power higher than love.

But love is not a force. The very word force - the very sound of the word “force” indicates that you are interfering in somebody’s being. You are destroying somebody, reducing somebody to a thing.

So remember, power never becomes force. Power becomes bigger and bigger; it can become universal, but it still remains power. It is a benediction, a blessing. Force is ugly. Force is inhuman. Don’t be misled by the fact that in the dictionaries they mean the same. Dictionaries are not written by enlightened people; otherwise, words would have different meanings, different connotations, and language would have a purity. But unconscious people go on writing dictionaries, books on linguistics. They have never known anything like power; they have known only force. Naturally, to them the words are synonymous. But to me they are contraries.

Keep them separate; never become attracted towards force. Be full of power - which is yours; expand it, let others share it. And it can become so vast that you can spread yourself over the whole existence.

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