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Chapter 5: Laughter - As Sacred as Prayer

And you can see it: when a man lives alone, his house is almost like a tent, it is not like a house. Without a woman, it remains a tent, a temporary place - just a shelter with nothing sacred about it. As the woman enters, the tent starts transforming into a house and finally into a home.

In hunting societies, the woman’s function was nothing but reproduction. She was continuously pregnant. This became her failure: she could not fight, she could not rebel, she had to submit, she had to surrender - of course unwillingly. Nobody becomes a slave willingly.

When somebody becomes a slave willingly, there is no problem.

But millions of women have been forced to become slaves unwillingly. Naturally they try to take revenge in indirect ways. All those ways combined make them cats, their behavior becomes bitchy.

But remember: a woman can be bitchy only with a dog, and a woman can be a cat only with a mouse - and that’s why you are angry. Seeing a woman, you are reminded that you are a dog, you are a mouse.

Your male chauvinist attitude hurts.

It is simply an unconscious reaction, and you have to be watchful of the reaction so that it can disappear.

It is undignified of you. It shows something about you - not about the woman. It is your anger, it is your hate.

If you will look at the history..

In many villages, the women cannot enter the temples. In some religions she can enter, but she has a separate section - not the same as the men. In all religions, the woman is not accepted as a candidate for the ultimate growth of consciousness. She is unworthy, not for any other reason - just because she is a woman; her crime is that she is a woman. And she can evolve but she will have to fulfill a condition: first she will have to be born as a man.

So in religions like Jainism, there are methods, rituals, religious disciplines for women, specifically intended for them to enter a man’s body in their next life.

Now the whole Jaina attitude and philosophy can be disturbed because with plastic surgery a woman can become a man with no difficulty. There is no need for all those disciplines and rituals and arduous hostilities. Just a very small amount of plastic surgery and you are capable of entering the ultimate state of consciousness. Strange, that plastic surgery is needed for spiritual growth!

But this has been one way to condemn the woman.

Another reason why man has condemned the woman is the power of the woman over the man. You can never forgive someone who has so much power over you. The woman is beautiful, attractive.her beauty, her body, her attraction and you become just a beggar - and you are going to take revenge for that too.

But everything is going on in an unconscious state. You are not aware of what you are doing and why.

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