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Chapter 28: Truth: The Greatest Surgery

“Fear is there for the unknown, and when I relax into it I fall more into myself.” The fear is two-sided. It is of the unknown, in which you are moving, step by step, and it is also of the known, that is leaving you. All that you had known about yourself will be gone, and all that will come, you have never even dreamt about it! But that is your essential self.

That’s why you are feeling “.and after that, I feel as if something is dying.” Don’t hold onto it. That which is dying, help it to die - the quicker, the better. And when something dies, don’t carry the corpse with you, because your attachment has been with it for so long, that even though it is dead, you would not like to depart from it. But unless depart from it, the barrier will not be broken between you and your reality. It is an thin barrier, but very strong.

So rejoice that something is dying, and remember that you are not to collect corpses. Many things will die; don’t be a collector of antiques. You have a much more beautiful future, much more fresh, much more eternal..

And not for even a single moment be worried whether you are on the right path or not. What is happening can happen only if you are on the right path; these are indications, evidences. Just be intelligent: let the dead be dead. Don’t look backwards, go ahead.

You are alive, otherwise, who would take note that something is dying? Don’t freak out when something starts dying, because that will be going backwards.

Three Irishmen were caught up in the French Revolution and were sentenced to be guillotined. As the first man waited for the blade to fall, it stuck, and he was released according to the old custom. The same thing happened to the second man, and he too was released.

As the third man looked up, waiting for the blade to fall, he shouted, “Hold on! I think I can see what is making it stick.”

Don’t be an Irishman. Be a little more intelligent. And intelligence always brings with it awareness, clarity. You can see yourself that the dead which is dead, was something false - that you have been taught to be false. Now that you are moving towards the real, the unreal has to fade away.

The unreal cannot encounter the real; the real is the death of the unreal. And there is much more which you will have to see dying - but remember you have never died before. Death is the greatest lie in existence; it is the most fictitious thing.

The real life always continues in different forms and ultimately, when you realize it, it moves into the formless. It becomes universal and that is the most blessed and the most ecstatic moment: you have found the very meaning of life.

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