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Chapter 28: Education for Life - and for Death

At that very moment his wife came in from the kitchen and she said, “You are right. I will support you. This man is simply an idiot. He knows nothing; he has destroyed my life, he has destroyed his life, and he is destroying thousands of other people’s lives!”

But this goes on. There are people who will consult the I-Ching, who will consult the Tarot cards.But the real thing is somewhere else. And it is known, but religious prejudices are preventing humanity from using it.

The secret is in genetic engineering. Now it is scientifically possible to find the program of each human being, even before his birth. The male sperm carries many of the programs for his life and what he can become; whether he will be male or female, whether he will be a strong-bodied man or a weakling, whether he will live a life of health or will remain continually sick, his resistance against disease, how long he will live.and what kinds of potentialities are hidden in him - whether he can become a great mathematician or a great painter or a great poet or a great industrialist. Your destiny is written in the biological beginnings of your life, not in the birth-chart, nor in the stars, nor in the lines of your hands.

Now there are scientific openings to a new world: each sperm can be read almost like an open book. You can decide your child’s life. Before he is born, you can choose what you want your child to be. To me, the real education begins from there.

In each lovemaking the man releases at least one million sperms, but only one sperm may be able to reach the female egg. It is a marathon race. The small sperm - which is not visible to the bare eyes - in proportion to his size, the track that he has to follow towards the mother’s egg is almost two miles long, and he has only two hours’ life span. So if he does not reach within two hours, he will die. Such competition he will never again face in his life.

The whole life will be competitive, but the beginning is the worst competition you can conceive: one million people rushing towards the female egg, and only one is going to win the race! The remainder are going to die.

Rarely it happens that two sperms reach at the same time - that’s why twins are born. Sometimes even nine children have been given birth to by a woman, because nine sperms reached at the same time. The reason is this: the female egg remains open only for the first sperm reaching to it. The moment the sperm has entered the egg, the egg automatically becomes hard, it is no more porous, so others reaching are rejected. But if two reach at the same time, then their entry is possible because the egg is still porous.

Now it is a blind game - most probably the idiots will reach first. That’s why the world is full of idiots! The idiots will not take any care, any consideration of anybody; they will simply rush blindly with full force. The wiser ones may stand by the side and see what is happening. The really wise ones may not even participate in the race, it is so stupid.

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