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Chapter 11: These Creatures Are Found Everywhere

Finally he understood that it was nothing that he was showing these people. He had to work again in a different direction. And he managed: now he has come with a small box in which you put the slide and it gives a three-dimensional effect.

But to produce that slide is such a torture. Whenever my photographers want to take my picture, they all say to me, “Just don’t allow this Niskriya, because he does not care about anything and he disturbs everybody. He is just concerned about his three-dimensional pictures.” So instead of one camera, he has two cameras on a trolley, continuously moving them.

And he does not look at anybody. He does not think that there are other cameramen, he takes the main position in the middle. They say, “If Niskriya is coming then there is no point in us coming because he neither listens nor does he look at anybody.” He is so absorbed in his work. A real scientific mind..

So he does not even bother who the woman is: if she wants to harass him, let her harass. Sometimes, the same woman goes on harassing him again after a few days. By that time he has forgotten her face. I have heard that one woman has harassed him three times and he thinks he has met three women.

But in fact, he never looks who is there and what is happening, he is totally satisfied with his camera. Now, if a poor woman wants some time, he gives her some time, but his mind is working on three-dimensional pictures. Who looks at women? He is thinking of new devices. Maybe it is the same woman who has come yesterday, or maybe it is somebody else, or maybe there is nobody; he simply thinks that a woman is sitting behind him.

But he is a happy person in that sense, that he does not need to surrender to anybody. He does not even know the name, he does not recognize who you are girl-enemy.?

Satyam Ambhoj, to be totally and absolutely henpecked is a great experience because then there is absolute peace. Rather than renouncing women and going to the Himalayas.where nobody knows, you may come across another woman, because these creatures are found everywhere. And their faces differ, their bodies differ, but under the bonnet every car is the same. So you can look at the bonnet and think that this is somebody else: Perhaps this is the right woman, she is born just for me. By god, I have found her!

But your happiness will not last even for twelve hours. Once the woman is certain that she has got hold of you, you will be surprised, that “This is a totally different woman, but behaving exactly like the woman I have renounced!”

I have heard of a man in California who married eight times. And each time, after three months he found that although the woman is different, everything else is the same. The same quarrel, the same fight, the same jealousy, the same demand. And the eighth time, it was a miracle: he married a woman whom he had married one time before also, but it was such a long time before that he had forgotten her. After three days he by and by recovered he remembered: “It seems I have seen you somewhere.”

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