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Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony

There are so many of us sitting here: we see first one person, then another, but we don’t see the link that is there between the two. That’s why each person seems separate to us. If we could only see the connecting link that exists between the two, then the individuals here would fade away and only a river of life would remain.

The way I see it is that you are not very important, neither is the person sitting next to you, but the life which is flowing between you, that is important. It is because of this very life that you are alive, and your neighbor too. But this life is invisible. You are seen on one side, and your neighbor is seen on the other; but this wave of life which lies in between you is not seen.

The one who sees only the visible sees only chaos in life. But everything that is visible is linked with the invisible. What you see is one side. What you do not see - the link in between - is actually the real existence. To experience that invisibility is to experience the music of life.

Let the meaning of music be well understood. It is that which is filling the gap, that which is filling the emptiness, that which is present as fullness - even in the void. It is that which is invisible but exists and can be experienced. The more sensitive we become within, the more we start experiencing it. Then, we do not see separate people, we see the divine which is the connecting link between them. Then, we do not look upon trees as this tree and as that tree; instead, we see the life that is flowing in them in the same way - both within and without.

And the day you see this, then the whole world becomes an expression of oneness. That is why so much emphasis has been placed on music in these sutras, because the one who has experienced music - not the notes, but the connecting wave which joins the notes, the invisible wave - the one who has experienced the harmony and rhythm which flows between the notes, has experienced brahman, the ultimate. And brahman is nothing but that which is holding everything together, connecting it, but which cannot be seen.

And one thing is certain: that which can be seen will fade away, will disappear. That which cannot be seen will not fade away; there is no way that it can. Like the waves we rise up and become visible. And then the waves fall back and are gone. But the ocean which is not seen.

You will be surprised, you will say, “No, the ocean can be seen, it is visible.” But I say unto you that the ocean is never seen. It is always the waves that you see. You have never seen the ocean - because you can only see the surface of the ocean, and the surface is always full of waves. You are never able to see the ocean. What you see are the waves; the ocean is only inferred. The waves can be seen rising and falling, but the ocean from which they arise, and the ocean which they fall back into is actually the real basis, the music. The waves are the notes. But the notes are heard and the music is not heard; the waves are seen, but the ocean is not seen.

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