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Chapter 11: Mind Is the Greatest Enemy of Man

You are living in so many misunderstandings that if you come to see, you will be surprised at how articulate you are in creating falsehoods.

Everything that passes through the mind, is almost as if you have taken a straight staff and put it into the water. You will suddenly see the straight staff is no longer straight. It has become bent at the place where it is in the water because water functions differently. You take it out; it is again straight. You put it back into water; it loses its straightness. The same is the situation with mind. Mind has only one capacity - to falsify things.

Unfortunately we are educated only as minds. And if the world lives in hypocrisy, in misery, in anguish, it is not a wonder. If the world goes on fighting and killing and goes on preparing for a global suicide, it is not a surprise. Mind cannot do anything else. It poisons everything.

The whole message is to get beyond the mind and then everything is crystal clear. Then you don’t ask any questions. You simply act out of your clarity, out of your transparent vision. And each of your acts has a beauty - tremendous beauty of its own. It has a grace. And it has a power of blessings to shower over the whole world.

When reality depends on you, that which is not real becomes real.

Right now, it is a weird situation. Everything is real which is not real. And everything that is real, is unreal. Have you ever thought: Is your soul a reality to you? It is not a reality to you. You have only heard about it, but you don’t have any experience of it.

But thousands of false things are real. A stone statue in the temple is real to you. Your own consciousness is unreal. Your own buddha nature is unreal. And a statue of marble is real to you. Before the false, you bow down, you worship the false not knowing what you are doing. You are insulting yourself and you are insulting all the buddhas of the past, of the present, of the future.

You are a buddha. You don’t have to worship. There is nobody higher than you; there is nobody lower than you. You don’t have to worship anybody and you don’t have to accept anybody’s worship. This whole existence is equally divine.

When you depend on reality, that which is real becomes false. When you depend on reality, everything is false.

Everything that you have known up to now, as real..

I have heard:

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