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Chapter 5: Beyond the Prism of the Mind

into God: you slip out of the mind and into God. You slip out of the ego, and into your innermost core, which is also the innermost core of the whole existence.

Your center is not your center alone. It is my center too. It is the center of the trees too. It is the center of the stars too. We are different on the periphery; we are one at the center. On the periphery you are separate from me. At the center there is no I, there is no you; there is only we. And the “we” includes trees and rocks and stars and everything; it includes all. The “I” is a mind product. The “we” is a totally different direction, totally different dimension.

The goal-oriented seeker thinks, “What is the ultimate and of existence? To what meaning is existence moving? Where are we going?” The goal-oriented seeker thinks, “What are we going to become? What have we to become?” He never looks into being; he looks into becoming: “What am I to become? A saint? What am I going to become? What is my destiny in the future? What is the goal my life is striving to attain?” He looks into the future. The future is not. It is very dark there, very silent there, so you can easily imagine whatsoever you like. And the future cannot say you are wrong, because the future is not, so whatsoever you imagine never struggles, collides with reality. There is no reality; it is simply your projection. You can go on imagining, and there is nobody who will say you are wrong. You are always right, in the future.

In the present the reality is too much, and the reality will destroy the dream, but in the future there is no reality. You are alone. The world of the future gives you a freedom, gives you a freedom from reality - a bondage to dreams and freedom from reality.

The goal-oriented person starts thinking. “How should I be so that the goal can be attained?” He starts changing his behavior, his character, his style, his actions. He becomes a perfectionist. The goal-oriented person is always a perfectionist. He has some idea of perfection - how man should be - and he starts managing his own being according to that idea. Christians have one idea, Hindus have another, Jainas have another, but all have ideas how man should be. Christians may think man should be like Jesus; then that is the idea, and everybody has to fit with the idea. If you don’t fit you are wrong; if you fit you are right.

Now the misery is: if you fit you are false. If you don’t fit you are wrong, you may be real. So reality starts becoming wrong and unreality becomes right. Let me explain it to you.

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