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Chapter 2: Come and Get It!

Understanding is a byproduct of meditation; misunderstanding is a shadow of the mind. And these are the only two ways a man can live: either one can live as a mind or one can live as meditation. If you live as a mind you will be living in misunderstanding. But because millions of people around you are living also in the mind you never become aware that what you are doing to reality, how you are distorting it, how you are continuously avoiding it.

Rather than getting acquainted with it, how your mind is functioning as a barrier.it is not a bridge. But if you live with people who have the similar minds like you.. A Christian living among Christians will never feel that there is anything wrong in Christianity. The Hindu can see it very easily because he does not have the same projection. The Jew can see very easily; there is no problem in it. In fact, the Jew cannot understand how so many people are befooled by stupid doctrine. The Christian can see the foolishness of the Hindu - it is so obvious. The Hindu can see the mediocre ideology of the Mohammedans; not much intelligence is needed to see it. The Mohammedan can see the same in Hindus, Christians, Jews. They all go on quarreling with each other trying to prove that the other is wrong, but the reality is that mind is wrong.

That’s the difference here. I am not telling you Hinduism is right or Christianity is right or Judaism is right. I am simply telling you mind is wrong and no-mind is right. Now, no-mind cannot have any adjective: it cannot be Hindu, cannot be Mohammedan, cannot be Christian. Mind can have an adjective. Mind will have an adjective, is bound to have an adjective. It will have a certain definition, a certain limitation. No-mind is vast like the great space; it is void, it is clear. It is clarity, it is transparency.

But we all live in our prejudices because we are all past-oriented. Whatsoever had been taught to us we go on repeating, whatsoever has been told to us we will go on telling to our children. That’s how diseases are transferred from one generation to another generation. We call it heritage, we call it culture, religion, we call it our great past. Past is dead and to carry the dead is to become dead yourself.

To live in the present is the only way to be really alive and to be in tune with reality. God is always present, never past, never future. You cannot say “God was,” you cannot say “God will be” - you can only say “God is.”

No-mind is: mind never is. Either it belongs to the past.. You can look in, you can just try to find out. I am not talking about any abstract theory, I am simply stating a fact. You can experiment with it. You can look into each of your thoughts and you will see from where it comes; it belongs to the past. Or maybe you have some desire for the future; that too is nothing but a modified past, a refined past. But mind is never present.

And understanding means to be in tune with that which is, to be totally in tune, in accord with Tao, with God, with dhamma, with truth.

My sannyasins don’t belong to any religion; they cannot belong. They belong to reality. They belong to the reality that is without and the reality that is within, and they live in a harmony between the without and the within. That harmony is the ultimate in understanding.

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