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Chapter 15: There Are Times When You Need the Open Sky

We can have our own ocean liner - one, two, three big ocean liners; as many sannyasins who want to come can be there for a few months and work and go back again. And we can stay twelve miles away from land, so no problem arises from anybody. And we can be totally ourselves: no disturbance from anybody.

Whatever methods we want to use, whatever techniques we want to practice, we have our own world.

So there is going to be some big responsibility on Jay, to manage at least five thousand people, and slowly we will arrange two, three more ocean liners, so when our festival time comes, twenty thousand, twenty-five thousand people can be there, and a big oil platform, on which twenty-five thousand people can sit and dance and sing - out of the world. And that will be our total no to all kinds of superstitions and to all kinds of stupidities, for which we have to make compromises unnecessarily just to live on the earth.

And it may be the beginning. Many other groups may start thinking in the same way, “Why bother with the earth. Why not move into the ocean?”

So our city will be the first ocean city in the whole of history, and I am certain other cities will follow.

So your love for sailing has come handy in time. You have come here right on time.

Most of my life I have been living behind someone. I have been switching back and forth between putting myself on the line and hiding behind someone or something. I only hide when it gets too hot, so I stay safe. But this is not working anymore for me as I realize what I am doing, and it feels that it is time for me to decide to do one or the other.
Can you please comment?

I don’t see the problem: if it is too hot one has to hide somewhere or other, behind someone or other - and when it is cool, come out!

There is no question of deciding that you will always be out, even if it becomes ice cold, or you will always remain behind, whether there is any need to hide or not. There is no reason at all to decide.

Just move and remain flexible. When it is hot it is perfectly good to open your umbrella. Are you against the umbrella or what? There are all kinds of umbrellas. And when it is not hot, close the umbrella.

Life should be taken very lightly, but we are brought up in such a way that everything becomes a serious problem. Now what is the problem in it? I don’t see any problem. It is simply intelligent. There are times when you need a shelter, and there are times when you need the open sky.

So live according to the moment, without any predecision. In fact predecisions create trouble.

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