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Chapter 5: Renounce the Past, Not the World

As far as the world is concerned.and the world and the society are not the same thing. In the past, the so-called religious people have renounced the society and the world, both. The rebel will fight against the society, renounce its ideals, and he will love the world - because the world, the existence, is our very source of life. To renounce it is to be anti-life. But all religions have been anti-life, life-negative.

The rebel should be life-affirmative. He will bring in all those values which make the world more beautiful, more lovable, which make the world more rich. It is our world - we are part of it, it is part of us - how can we renounce it? Where can we go to renounce it? The world is in the Himalayan cave as much as it is here in the marketplace.

The world has to be nourished because it is nourishing you. The world has to be respected because it is your very source of life. All the juice that flows in you, all the joys and celebrations that happen to you, come from existence itself. Rather than running away from it, you should dive deeper into it; you should send your roots to deeper sources of life and love and laughter. You should dance and celebrate.

Your celebration will bring you closer to existence, because existence is in constant celebration. Your joy, your blissfulness, your silence, will bring the silences of the stars and the sky; your peace with existence will open the doors of all the mysteries it contains. There is no other way to become enlightened.

The world has not to be condemned, it has to be respected. The rebel will honor existence, he will have immense reverence for life in whatsoever form it exists - for men, for women, for trees, for mountains, for stars. In whatever form life exists, the rebel will have a deep reverence. That will be his gratitude, that will be his prayer, that will be his religion, that will be his revolution.

To be a rebel is the beginning of a totally new kind of life, a totally new style of life; it is the beginning of a new humanity, of a new man.

I would like the whole world to be rebellious, because only in that rebelliousness will we blossom to our full potential, will we release our fragrances. We will not be repressed individuals, as man has remained for centuries.the most repressed animal. Even birds are far more free, far more natural, far more in tune with nature.

When the sun rises, it does not knock on every tree, “Wake up, the night is over.” It does not go to every nest of birds, “Start singing, it is time for song.” No, just as the sun rises, the flowers start opening on their own accord. And the birds start singing - not by an order from above, but from an intrinsic inevitability, from a joy, from a blissfulness.

Once I used to be a professor in a Sanskrit college. Since there were no professors’ quarters immediately available and I was alone, they made arrangements for me to live in the hostel with the students. It was a Sanskrit college, following the old traditional way: each morning every student had to wake up at four o’clock, had to take a cold shower and line up by five for prayer.

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