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Chapter 7: No More Ready-made Gods

The new rebel is not going to conform to the establishment and its interests. He is absolutely unconcerned about his respectability, reputation, honor, worship; he is not in need of any of these things. The people who are empty inside need all these decorations.

The new rebel is an enlightened being - he is fulfilled and deeply contented. He stands aloof and alone, with a clarity about everything. He will speak his truth whether it goes against the society, against the heritage, against the ancient traditions, against scriptures - it does not matter.

To the new rebel, truth is the only religion. For truth he is ready to be sacrificed; for truth he is ready to be condemned; for truth he is willing to be crucified.

The new rebel is an individual, absolutely free from the chains of the crowd - even if those chains are of gold. He is as free as a bird on the wing. He will not accept any cage, howsoever precious. Truth is his religion, freedom is his path. And to be himself, utterly himself, is his goal.

The old sage was a yea-sayer. The new rebel is a warrior - a warrior against all that is wrong and inhuman, against all that is stupid and unscientific. And there is so much stupidity proclaimed by all the prophets, all the saints, all the sages.so much superstitiousness deeply ingrained in every religion, in every tradition, in every society, that the new rebel has to fight his way out of all these entanglements.

His attainment of freedom from the old and the rotten, the irrational and the superstitious, is an absolute necessity to attain more consciousness. The more he fights against the wrong, the more he becomes right. The more he becomes right, the more he is at ease, at home.

The old sage was a pretender, a hypocrite. The new rebel is an authentic human being. He does not claim any specialness. He does not claim, “I am the only begotten son of God.” He does not claim, “I am the only messenger of God.” He does not claim that he is the reincarnation of God. He simply claims, with pride and dignity, that he is a human being.

One of the most beautiful mystics, Chandidas, has a beautiful song. I have never come across any statement of more significance: Sabar upar manus satya, tahar upar nahin - “The truth of man is above all, and beyond that there is nothing higher.”

The new rebel declares the pride of man and the death of God - and the death of all saviors, prophets and messengers; because they were pretending to be higher and holier than ordinary human beings.

The new rebel is a declaration of being nobody, just an ordinary human being - simple, sincere, alert and aware. Knowing himself, and knowing that everybody else is as divine as he himself is - the new rebel is a declaration of a spiritual communism.

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