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Chapter 3: They Know Me Not

Have you watched children? Have you told them stories? You tell them a story and the next day they are again asking: Tell us the same one again. You feel bored, but they are asking for the same story again. If you tell it to them, and if they are not feeling sleepy, they say: Once more! Tell us the story again! Because the number of times you tell it does not make much difference. They don’t become knowledgeable. They don’t gather dust. They remain clean, their mirror remains fresh.

Again, some day it can happen that you are sitting with a man who is very boring. You are perfectly bored; then you turn on the music and that same symphony starts filling the room. You have heard it many times but suddenly now again it is enchanting. It has a magic. What has happened?

That boring man was creating so much boredom, you were so fed up with him that even a symphony that you have heard many times again looks new - relatively.

Do one experiment. You pass along the same road every day, you look at the same trees every day - just look more intensely, as if you have become the eyes; look at a tree very intensely, as if your whole life depends on it - suddenly you will see a transfiguration. The tree is not the same, its color is changing. The more you become intense inside, the greener becomes the color, fresher, more alive. The flower is the same, but the fragrance is not the same. The tree is the same, but the beauty is not the same. The more intense you become, the more the tree becomes beautiful - and there is no problem to be solved. The tree is so beautiful, only foolish people will try to solve it. Only fools are in search of solutions. Wise people have always lived and enjoyed and delighted. That’s why drugs have become so important in the West.

Man lives just like the horses you have seen moving on the street yoked to carts, tongas; they have blinkers, they are not allowed to see, because if they see too much they will get confused. And if they can see too much they will not move in the direction you want them to go. So they are blinkered.

The whole society has fixed blinkers on your eyes, on your senses, because the society is afraid that if you remain a child you will remain dangerous. The society tries to make the child mature as soon as possible, and the “maturity” is nothing but deadness.

We force knowledge on the child so he loses his wondering heart, otherwise there is danger. A child is dangerous. You cannot predict a child, he is unpredictable. What will he do? Nobody knows. You cannot force laws and regulations on him because he lives moment to moment. He has to be made knowledgeable, so - schools, colleges, universities exist. These create blinkers.

The whole effort of the whole of education is to fix blinkers on your senses so you become dull. Then there is no danger.

When you are bored you become a perfectly good citizen. A bored man is perfectly good, he always follows the rules, the law. He is DEAD. He cannot rebel. But an alive man is always rebellious; life is rebellion - rebellion against death rebellion against matter rebellion against fixed frozenness. Life is a flow.

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