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Chapter 20: Reaction Never Brings Freedom

The West will have to learn from the East and accept the East in a very different sense - the master. Spirituality cannot create slavery, but it can prove a certain inner superiority. So more and more Eastern teachers - Hindus, Sufis, Zen, are bound to conquer the world. They have every right.without killing anybody. And it should be welcomed because it is going to change the violent attitude of the West.

So three hundred years of repressed spirituality is now expressing itself because all that materialist empire of the West has disappeared. Now the Eastern countries have freedom, and they certainly have thousands of years research, discipline and experience. In comparison to the East, the West is very childish. So the teachers who are going to the West to work may not be aware why it is happening, but I am perfectly aware it has to happen to bring the balance.

Secondly, the West has enjoyed materialistic values and is now fed up with them. They have created two world wars, and they have brought the whole world to the brink of a third world war which is going to destroy all life. They are in immense need for an inner transformation.

The East can fulfill their conditions, can change their attitudes, can give them some taste beyond material values. And once you have some taste beyond material values you are a totally different person.

Christianity will try to prevent these people from coming to the West because now it is a question that if these people go on coming, then Christianity’s hold cannot remain for long.

There is nothing in Christianity which is comparable to the Upanishads or to the teachings of Gautam Buddha. Christianity is a barren religion. It has not created anything like Zen or Sufism or Hassidism, for the simple reason that it has never allowed any rebellious spirit. It has been cutting the rebellious spirit from the roots.

Religion reaches to its heights only through the rebellious people, not through the mundane, the ordinary; not through the obedient; not through those who are satisfied just to believe that they will be saved, but only by those who make an effort to save themselves. Christianity has not allowed them.

It is the most out-of-date religion so there is great fear. It has nothing to offer, and the more it resists the mystic teachings coming to the West, the more it will be in trouble because the youth, the young people, are no longer interested in Christianity. It has nothing of interest. It is a sick religion. It stopped growing the day Jesus was crucified.

The Eastern religions have been growing because the rebellious people may not have been liked, may not have been accepted by the orthodox, but they were not killed. And when they blossomed, even the orthodox had to accept that they were wrong.

It is because of this quality that the highest peaks of Zen, Sufism and Hassidism became possible. These are the most rebellious elements in Buddhism, in Mohammedanism and in Judaism.

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