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Chapter 6: Receiving Your Soul

Here too, among the people who come to listen to me, there are three kinds of vessels. Some are upside down: they will all go away empty-handed, and if you show them your treasures they will laugh at you. And because they have returned empty-handed, they will say, “How can you be so full? You must be deceiving yourself. You are a blind believer, a sentimentalist. You have no understanding.” They are such intelligent people - but they have not received anything. How can they accept that you are more intelligent than they are? They will think that you are naive, a believer; that you don’t know how to think, that you have no capacity to contemplate.

There are others who have placed their pitcher the right way up and are being filled many times over. Listening to me they feel that they have been filled. But even before they pass through the door they are empty again, they have forgotten everything. They are again the same, a pitcher full of holes.

Then there are a few who belong to the third type: they fill up, they have no holes, they are the right way up - but whatever falls into them is no longer mine; their minds deform it. They add their own interpretations to it, they put in their own meanings. They take something from here, but it is not what I gave them. They go back with a slightly adorned and rearranged vision of what they had come here with. I fall into their own rubbish.

It all depends on you. Sannyas simply means that you are ready to clean out your vessel, that you are ready to color your vessel with my color, that you are ready to plug the holes in your vessel, that you are ready to keep your vessel the right way up, that you are giving up all fear.

Sannyas is a rebirth, a new life. So far you have been living your life in a certain way, and you have gained nothing from it. If you had, you would not have needed to come to me or to go anywhere else. It is obvious from your question that you have found nothing in life so far. You have come here searching for something, but you want to find it without having to pay anything for it. You want to find it without having to give anything. You want to find it in such a way that no one comes to know that you have received something. You want to own diamonds, but you don’t have the courage, the daring that is needed to own such things.

If you are not reborn,
Your inner abode remains forever dark.
However fine the paper you use,
The book of your life remains unwritten.

Nothing is gained by having fine paper until the truth descends upon you. And without your being reborn.and by rebirth I mean that your parents gave birth to you the first time, but your second birth comes from the master. That is why we revere the master over and above our parents - because the body you have received from your parents, the birth you have been given is mortal, it belongs to the physical, it is gross. The direction of life you receive from the master is subtle, it pertains to consciousness. Your body comes from your parents, but you receive your soul from the master. Your parents have given you one birth; the second comes through the master.

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