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Chapter 4: Love, Grace and Divinity

But as far as the divine existence is concerned, love and grace are one. It is the loving, and that is its grace. It is always with its grace, that means it is always loving. But these are not qualities which can be attributed to it. This is its nature. It cannot be otherwise. But we make distinctions: because someone is known to have received grace, we say someone has “received grace,” someone has “become beloved to the divine.” That again is fallacious. The divine existence is always grace and always love. But we are not always in a receptive mood.

Unless we become receptive, we cannot receive it. So when you are not receiving the divine grace, it is not anything lacking on the part of the divine - but something like a barrier that you are carrying. You are not receptive to it. You are not open to it. You are not vulnerable to it - that’s why. It is existence’s nature to be graceful, to be grace itself. But as far as we are concerned, we are not naturally receptive. We are naturally aggressive. And these are two things: if we are aggressive, if the mind is aggressive, then it cannot be receptive. Only a non-aggressive mind can be receptive. So all the qualities that carry aggression with them ought to be dropped. All the qualities that carry any type of aggression ought to be dropped. And one has to be just a door to receive. Just like a womb one has to be in total receptivity. And grace is always flowing. And love is always flowing.

From everywhere, grace is flowing. Every moment, everywhere, grace is flowing. That is the nature of existence. But we are not receptive - that is the nature of mind. Mind is aggressive. That is why I always insist that meditation means no-mind. Meditation means non-aggressive receptivity - openness. But logic can never be receptive: logic is aggression. You are “doing” something - then you cannot be receptive. You can be receptive only when you are not doing.

When you are in the non-doing - absolutely non-doing, simply existing - then you are open from all sides, and from everywhere comes the flow of grace. It is always coming, but our doors are closed. We are always escaping the grace. Even if it knocks on the door, we escape.

There is a reason why we go on escaping, because the moment mind is born, it is always safeguarding itself. Our whole training, our whole education, our whole culture of the millennia.it has always been so. Our whole mind, our whole culture, is based on aggression, competition, conflict. We have not yet become so mature as to learn the secret of cooperation - the world as a cooperation not as a conflict; that the other one - the neighboring one - is not just a competitor, but a complementary existence which makes me richer. Without him I will be less. Even if a single individual dies in the world, I am a bit less. The richness that was created by him, the richness carried into the atmosphere, into the noosphere, is no more. Somewhere, something has become vacant. So we exist in a coexistence, not in a conflict.

But the training of the mind - the collective unconscious - is always thinking in terms of conflict. Whenever someone is there, the enemy is there. The enemy is the basic assumption. You can develop a friendship, but that will be developed - the basic assumption is the enemy. Friendship can be added to the enemy, but the base in inimical, and you can never rely.

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