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Chapter 17: Awareness and Effort

If both ways - sankhya and yoga - are in the seeker’s awareness, the cave of the heart can be found very easily.

The meditation technique that we are doing here is a combination of both. Of the four steps of the morning meditation, three are of yoga and the fourth one is of sankhya. Why are there three steps of yoga and one of sankhya? - because three-quarters of you is asleep and not even one-fourth of you is even a little aware. So you have to work for three-fourths of you - and for the one-fourth part, you have to relax. Three-fourths of you is for the path, one-fourth is for the destination.

Remember it well: that the first three stages of this meditation are not really meditation; they are only preparations so that your unconsciousness can be broken. If your unconsciousness is broken, then the fourth step - which is meditation - can happen. And remember that you will do the first three steps, but you will not do the fourth step. The fourth step will happen. In the fourth stage, you rest. In the fourth stage you leave yourself open so that if something happens, your doors are not closed. If something wants to happen, you are ready; if something descends, you are receptive; if something is coming, you will not hinder it. In the fourth step you are receptive, open from all sides - whatsoever showers on you, there will be no obstacle from your side. If a ray of the divine comes, it will not find your doors closed. You are standing at the door with a welcoming heart: this is the meaning of the fourth stage. In the first three stages you have to do something, but in the fourth you are in waiting; waiting for something to happen. In the first three there is effort, in the fourth there is waiting. The fourth stage is the attitude of sankhya.

Sometimes people make the mistake of doing all four stages of the meditation with an attitude of sankhya, and some people turn all four stages into yoga. Then it will become very difficult for the cave of the heart to open.

There are two things in this sutra: the cave of the heart opens for one who knows, or, one whose heart opens will know. We will enter deeply into both.

How to know the divine? How can this knowing happen? Throughout these talks on the Kaivalya Upanishad, many times I have said that there is only one way to awaken this knowing - and that is that all your actions must happen with awareness, with consciousness. There is no other way to grow towards knowing. People think that the way to knowing is in the scriptures, in doctrines, in words - but this is not the way to grow in knowing. In this way you will only increase your memory, and there is a difference between knowledge and memory.

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