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Chapter 28: Unless Your Feet Are Holy.

Nanak said, “Just to show you that it is not the Kaaba that is holy. Unless your feet are holy, nothing is holy. Worshipping a stone you think you are worshipping something holy.”

Wherever you are sitting, wherever you are, your being there should make the place important, not vice versa - not that you start thinking, “Which place is important?” Do you see my point? You are putting places above you. This is self-condemnation. You are not respectful towards yourself.

And this is happening all over the world. Somebody becomes the president of a country, and thinks he has arrived. To be the president or the prime minister is just to reach to a certain place - you have not grown. Your growth would show that wherever you are, you have created the center.

Become more appreciative of yourself, accept yourself.

And at least with me you have to learn it absolutely - that nothing else matters. What matters is your self-respect. Why should you bother who is sitting in front? I don’t see any difference. Those who are sitting at the back, I am available to them as much as to those who are sitting in front. My presence is filling the whole room. I am giving myself equally to you all. Now it is up to you whether you receive me or not. If you get interested in trivia - where you are sitting, whether you are in the first row or in the second row or in the third row - then it is you who are closing yourself.

Just open yourself and rejoice that you are here with me.

The trivia should never be a concern. The significant part is that you are receptive to me. Give it a try. And the more receptive you are.you will be surprised that your body may be sitting at the back, you are in the front. Somebody’s body may be sitting in the front, and he is in the back. It will all depend on who is more receptive.

And always think that the problem is yours. Don’t dump it on anybody else - that because of somebody else you have to sit in the second row.

If you can’t even forget where you are sitting, how are you going to welcome me within you?

Just be receptive, be available.

And I am equally available to all.

It does not matter at all where you are sitting.

In a recent article by Stephen Jay Gould, he said, “Certainty is unattainable in science.”
Osho, is modern man at last showing signs of coming of age?

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