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Chapter 4: Your Original Face

In Zen it has been one of the deepest meditations: to find your original face, the one you had before you came to this world; and the one you will have when you leave this world, because you cannot carry all those faces with you. They are gimmicks, techniques to deceive, techniques to defend yourself, they are armors around you. Those faces have to be dropped, only then can you see Jesus, because when you see your original face you have seen Jesus.

Jesus is nothing but your original face, Buddha is nothing but your original face. Buddha is not outside you, neither is Jesus. When you drop all the falsity and you are naked - just the original you, without any change, modification - you are Jesus; Jesus in his absolute glory is revealed. It is not in the son of Joseph that he is to be revealed: suddenly you become Jesus. And only the like can know the like. Remember that law always: if you are like Jesus, only then can you recognize him; otherwise how will you recognize him? When you feel your own inner being, then you can recognize the inner being of somebody else.

Light can recognize light, light cannot recognize darkness. And how will darkness recognize light? If you are false you cannot recognize a real man, and Jesus is the most real man, the most real that is possible. He is not a liar, he is authentic, and if you are continuously lying with your life - your words, your gestures, everything is a lie - then how can you recognize Jesus? It is impossible. In your total nudity you will recognize the inner Jesus, and only then will the outer be recognized. The inner is the first to be recognized, because the recognition can come only from your innermost source of being. There is no other way.

One of the oldest Jewish sayings is that you start seeking God only when you have found him. It looks paradoxical but it is absolutely true, because how will you start seeking him if you have not found him: found him within yourself, realized him within yourself? Only then does the search start, but then there is really no need to search. The search starts and ends at the same point, the first step is the last step.

Only one step exists between you and the divine. There are not two steps so there is no path. Just one step: drop all falsities that you have taken upon yourself, drop all borrowed masks.

But why do we have faces? What is the need and what is the fear of dropping them? The whole mechanics has to be understood, only then will these words be clear to you.

First: you have never loved yourself, otherwise there would be no need. You hate yourself, and if you hate yourself you will hide your face. If you hate yourself how can you reveal your face to others? You yourself hate it, you yourself don’t want to see it, then how can you reveal it to others? Why has it happened that you hate yourself? The whole conditioning of society depends on creating hatred in you about yourself, a self-condemnation, a guilt. Religions have existed, priests have existed, society exists; all types of exploitation exist on this basic seed that you hate yourself.

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