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Chapter 5: Disclose Us to Ourselves

These others are the presidents, the prime ministers, the governors, the police commissioners - all types of blind and deaf people. Seeing that the whole city of Orphalese is rushing toward that mad guy, Almustafa. These so-called leaders of men are really followers of the crowd, because it is the crowd that gives them power. Wherever the crowd is going, the leader pretends that he’s leading them. He goes on watching to see whether the crowd is behind him or not. All the leaders are just followers of their own followers. It is because of these people that the world remains miserable, insane, stupid.

And others came. Almustafa had answered the innocent people who were telling him, “Forgive us; we had been seeing you, yet we have seen your face for the first time. And what a calamity, that this is the day of your departure. You have been amongst us for twelve years and we simply thought you were a dreamer of dreams. Forgive us. Don’t go away, be with us a little more. Share your truth with us; now we are ready.”

But then the blind, the deaf, the knowledgeable arrived. And because all the simple people and their crowd were so impressed by the very presence of Almustafa, they also entreated him. But this was hypocrisy. Those questions were not authentic; they were not coming from their own hearts. They were just showing the people, “Not only have you recognized him, we have also recognized him.” They always want to convince people, “We are ahead of you.”

But Almustafa is not deceived, cannot be deceived: But he answered them not. On the contrary,

He only bent his head; and those who stood near saw his tears falling upon his breast.

Those tears are his answer to these people who are still pretending. At the moment of departure - when the uncultured, uncivilized, uneducated and the poor have recognized him - still they cannot recognize, they cannot see. Power blinds. Knowledge blinds.

He is crying, tears are falling on his chest out of compassion: “What kind of people are leading the world?”

The governor of California wanted to meet me. He sent a messenger.

I said, “I am available. Rather than sending you, he should have come himself. What prevents him? If I wanted to see him, I would have gone and knocked on his door; it is just the right thing to do. He should come and knock on my door. Everybody is welcome.”

The woman who had come with the message said, “But he is a governor.”

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