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Chapter 4: The Blessed One

I am an unashamed poet. I’m not a realist. I call myself God, I call you God, I call rocks God, I call trees God, and the clouds God.. The whole consists of only one stuff and I have chosen to call it God, because with God you can grow, with God you can ride on great tidal waves; you can go to the other shore. God is just a glimpse of your destiny. You give personality to existence.

Then between you and the tree it is not emptiness. Then between you and your beloved it is not emptiness - “God” is bridging everything. He surrounds you, he is your surround. He is within and he is without.

When I call myself God, I mean to provoke you, to challenge you. I am simply calling myself God so that you can also gather courage to recognize it. If you can recognize it in me, you have taken the first step to recognizing it in yourself.

It will be very difficult for you to recognize it in yourself, because you have always been taught to condemn yourself. You have always been taught that you are a sinner. Here I am to take all that nonsense away. My insistence is that it is only one thing that is missing in you - the courage to recognize who you are.

I call myself God to help you, to give you courage. If this man can be a God, why not you? I’m just like you. By calling myself God, I am not bringing God down, I am bringing you up. I am taking you for a high journey. I’m simply opening a door towards the Himalayan peaks.

Once you start recognizing that you are also divine, you become unburdened. Then there may be errors, but there are no sins any more. You are not a sinner. You may be mistaken, you may be wandering on astray paths, but you are not a sinner. Whatsoever you do, you cannot lose your godhood - that is your nature.

You can be a sinner, but still you cannot lose your godhood. Then, by becoming a sinner, your God becomes a sinner, that’s all. You can be a fool, but that simply shows that God within you has chosen to play the game of being a fool, that’s all.

Millions of forms, but all forms divine. Millions of forms, all complementing each other and making this whole world a great cosmos.

Calling myself God, I am just hinting something to you. I’m not interested in what you call me - that is pointless. It is just indicative, a gesture. I’m saying to you, “Look at me! I’m just like you. If I can recognize the divinity within me, if I can respect my own being, why not you? Be respectful towards your own being.”

It is not going to help that you go and worship a stone in the temple unless you start worshipping yourself, unless you start being respectful to your own being, unless you feel reverence for your own existence.that’s what I mean when I call myself God.

I respect my being. I don’t feel any condemnation about me. I am happy as I am. I am tremendously happy as I am. I am tremendously grateful as I am.

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