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Chapter 11: Not Looking, It Becomes Clear

This is something immensely important. What he had seen on that day was just a reflection of the moon, and the reflection of the moon, although it is a reflection, is not the moon.

Enjoying the full moon, the master asked Gazan,

“Do you know that there are two moons?”
Gazan said, “No.”
Keizan said, “If you don’t know that there are two moons, you are not a seedling of the ‘To’ succession.”

You have to understand that in a silent space you can get a reflection of the reality. If your silence is deeper and without any ripples, the full moon will be reflected in it; but don’t be deceived by the reflection. That reflection should indicate toward the moon. That reflection in the lake of your consciousness is simply a milestone on the eternal journey to the moon itself.

There come many points in the seeker’s life when he thinks he has come. It is the greatest function of the master to hit in those points - the disciple - and push him ahead - there is much more ahead.

I have told you a Sufi story: a poor woodcutter, very old and very poor and very alone, used to come to the forest where a mystic had made his small hut under a vast, spreading tree. The woodcutter passed every day, but he could manage only one day’s livelihood from his wood. He was old, and it was difficult to carry it.

But the story belongs to a very different climate and world. Although he had nothing to do with the mystic - whether the mystic was sitting there with closed eyes, or was inside the hut, or had gone out somewhere - he used to touch the steps leading to his hut, every day coming and going both the times.

One day the mystic said, “You are so old, and now it is not the right kind of work for you. Why don’t you go a little ahead?”

The poor man said, “A little ahead? What will that do to me?”

The mystic said, “Just a little ahead, there is a mine of copper. If you carry copper, it will give you at least seven days’ provisions, instead of the one day that you are getting now.”

The man was immensely impressed, and he went and he thanked the master, “I would never have gone ahead if you had not said it. And, my God, my whole life I wasted in cutting wood, and the copper was just nearby.”

The master laughed and said, “Don’t stop; just go on a little more.”

He said, “For what?”

The master said, “Just a little more, there is a silver mine.”

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