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Chapter 21: Nature Is Not Anguish, It Is Blissfulness

The mind is not yours, it is a social product. It is society within you.

Those moments are yours - society has not given them to you. And if you can put the mind aside, you will see: those moments are not momentary, they are your permanent reality. Mind was covering them; just in certain circumstances they make themselves felt by you. They are trying to assert themselves - but the layers of the mind are thick and will not allow them to assert themselves.

So keep this in your consciousness:

Nature is not anguish, it is blissfulness.

It is not anxiety, misery, suffering:

It is love, it is rejoicing.

It is a constant celebration.

We come out of this nature, we are part of this nature; we inherit the same qualities in our consciousness. But the society does not want you to be rejoicing. Society does not want you to be blissful, loving, silent, peaceful. That goes against the structure of the so-called society that man has made.

It wants people who are full of anxiety, anguish, tensions, miseries, sufferings - because they are the people who can be enslaved. They are the people who can be sent to war. And they are the people who can be goaded into any stupid job: Anyway they are suffering - it does not matter to them what work they are put to.

But a man of blissfulness has his tremendous freedom - it comes with it. A man of love cannot be enslaved. Freedom, love, joy create the real individual you are. They are the qualities you are made of.

And the society tries to hide that individual, repress that individual - and creates a phony individual which it can manipulate. But nothing is perfect in the world. The society does everything, but still there are loopholes. There are moments when your real nature asserts.

Soon the mind catches hold of you, convinces you that it was illusory: “You are just imagining. It never happened - I am the reality.” So you have to be conscious of this strategy.

The mind is not yours, it is your enemy. Don’t listen to it. Whatever it says goes against you. Listen to something that comes not from the mind - that’s why it looks as if it is from the unknown. Not only listen to it, but get more and more acquainted with it, allow it more and more space in you. Give it as many chances as possible.

This is the whole work of the seeker: what the society has made of him, he has to undo, and recover his natural being. And these moments are part of his natural being. Make them come more and more. Welcome them, relish them, and they will be coming more, and they will be staying more - because after all they are the reality.

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