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Chapter 4: No Bargain with Reality

If you move towards the object, you are moving away from yourself; and the further away you go from yourself, the further away you are going from truth because truth is centered in you.

You ask “What is not illusion?”

I would like to say, everything is illusion, except you. But I should hurry to say to you that when I say “you,” I don’t mean the “you” that you know, I mean the “you” that is yet undiscovered by you. The “you’ that you know belongs to the outside world, it is as much unreal as the outside world. The “you” that you know is nothing but an accumulation of all the illusions, all the dreams and desires. The “you” I am talking about has nothing to do with you as such; it is the eternal “you,” the eternal “thou.” It is not yours, it is not mine, it is nobody else’s. It is everybody’s; it is the very center of all.

When your “I” drops then the real I arises. When your self disappears, the real self arrives. People come to me and they say “We feel it is very difficult to surrender because surrendering means we will be losing ourselves.” They are true and they are not really true. They are true because their self, the self that they have known up to now, is going to be dropped. But they are not really true because once this false self is dropped, the real self arises. It is there, it is hidden behind the cloud of the false self. You, as you really are in your center, are the reality. Everything else is illusory.

To know this reality one has to come to a moment of total inactivity because whenever you are acting. you are outside yourself. That’s why Lieh Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Lao Tzu, emphasized passivity so much; when you are active, you are relating with the outside world.

What is activity? Activity means relating with the outside. When you are passive, you are not relating at all. You are simply there, unrelated; there is no bridge between you and the outside - all bridges have disappeared. In this total silence, in this total unrelatedness, you become aware of who you are. Otherwise the activity keeps you so occupied that there is no space for the self to assert, to manifest, itself. It goes on waiting.it goes on waiting, and you go on remaining occupied with trivia, with mundane things.

One has to learn to do nothing.

I have heard..

The bum appeared at the doctor’s office doubled up with pain. After a careful examination the physician told the man he’d have to give up wine, women and song.

“But, doctor,” the man protested, not knowing what that had to do with his ailment, “I can’t bend down.”

“Oh yes,” said the doc, “You’ll have to give up smoking too.”

“I object” said the bum.

“Why?” asked the doctor.

“I feel like a fool standing around doing nothing.”

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