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Chapter 9: Surrender Can Only Be Total

To help this, I say: Surrender, and the remaining will be done by me. The emphasis that I shall do - you simply surrender - is to make your surrender total. But I know that if you have surrendered, there is no need for anything to be done, not even on my part. Surrender itself is the thing, nothing else is needed. The very phenomenon of surrendering is enough.

Now no help is needed. Everything will be done by surrender itself. Surrendering means you are no more, surrendering means the ego has been dropped. Surrendering means that now the center has been dispersed; you exist - but without a center. If there is no center there is nothing to protect; the walls drop by themselves. If there is no one, your whole structure of defense disappears by and by; it becomes futile. You become an open space.

This open space will do everything, this openness will do everything. The divine will pass through you unhindered. It can move through you, in and out - there is nobody to create any barrier. Surrendered, you become open to the divine forces. Everything happens spontaneously after that.

The problem is surrendering. After surrendering there is no problem. So I am not needed to help you. Nothing is needed. That’s why I go on contradicting myself and I say I don’t do anything. There is no need. Now you can look at the whole.

If I say I will not do anything, or I cannot do anything, there is no need - if I say only this, your surrendering will be impossible. You will be afraid - alone, moving into the unknown, nobody to help, nobody to guide, and this man says that he’s not going to do anything - how can you surrender totally? It will be difficult for you. If I say only that I will do everything without contradicting it, that will not be true, because, really, I am not going to do anything. So what to do now? How to say this wholly? There is only one way - to contradict consistently.

The relationship between a master and a disciple is a very complex phenomenon - in a way very simple, otherwise very complex. It is simple because the relationship exists only on the part of the disciple. On the part of the master there is no relationship, because the master doesn’t exist. He is no longer there. He is a nobody. It appears to you that he is. This appearance will persist unless you surrender. Once you surrender, once you become a non-being, suddenly you will see that the master has never been there.

The master is an absence. But the absence can be seen only when you have also become an absence. Only two absences meet. If you are present you go on projecting on the master that he is also. It is your projection, because your ego cannot see non-ego. Only the similar can respond to the similar. Your ego can only see egos everywhere. That is a way to protect your own self. Wherever you look, immediately you project an ego. Even the master will look like somebody, some ego. And you will find ways and means to prove to yourself that he is also an ego.

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