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Chapter 14: The Forgotten but Not the Lost

Sarito, your question does not look very relevant, but it is relevant, more relevant than any grown-up person can ever ask. Grown-up people ask questions which look good in the asking, but they are not really interested in asking an authentic question - they are afraid of asking the authentic question.

In an old Scottish mansion the resident ghost is floating through the living room. Everybody seems to be scared to death except a little boy who is watching the spectacle with a curious look on his face.

“Hey, Mister Ghost,” he says, “have you lost your handkerchief?”

“No,” replied the ghost, “that’s not a handkerchief, that’s my son!”

But only a small boy could have asked, “Hey, Mister Ghost..” All the grown-ups were very much scared; they must have been trembling, avoiding, pretending that they had not seen anything.

One little boy asked the other, “Did that play you saw last night have a happy ending?”

The other one said, “I’ll say. Everybody was happy when it was over.”

The Christian priest was telling the little boy, “Herb, I want you to remember that we are here to help others.”

Herb said, “Sure, but what are the others here for?”

“I never slept with a man until I married your father!” she declared emphatically to her unconventional teenage daughter. “Will you be able to say the same thing to your daughter?”

“Yes, Mother,” replied the girl, “but not with such a straight face!”

Mummy and Daddy are talking about the Millers who live next door. “Well, the stork is going to pay them a visit for the fourth time soon,” says Daddy.

Their little son laments, “They get one baby after another. And you - what are you doing? Hanging around doing nothing!”

Children are very perceptive! You cannot deceive them.

They were discussing the attraction older men have for young girls.

“My grandfather was like that. Young girls were crazy about him.”

“Was he crazy about them too?”

“He certainly was. He used to cut a notch on his cane after every conquest. And that’s what killed him.”


“Well, one day he made the mistake of leaning on his cane!”

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