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Chapter 15: One Coin, Two Sides

You are just in the middle between me and you. You have left your ego behind, but you have not arrived into my being. You are on the way. The first flowers of the spring have started blossoming - the aliveness, the dance, and the feeling of something else that is inside the body, the very life, the very consciousness, your very being - but still you are concerned with yourself.

“Last night, I looked in your eyes and I saw. There was no one there.” You came really close. There has been no one for many years - just a pure nothingness, just an immense space; nobody is occupying it. For the first time you moved from yourself to me. For the first time you were not seeing something reflected of you; for the first time you were seeing something that is within me; for the first time you had really seen.

“What a relief. Oh Osho, I am so glad you are not there. Can you say something about this, and this mysterious relief that there is no `thou’ in my master?” Experiencing the empty mirror within me, reflecting nothing, nobody present there, no “thou”.you must have been puzzled - why are you feeling such a relief? The relief is felt because the moment you cannot see “thou” in me, your “I” has also disappeared. That is one coin, two sides: What is “I” in you creates “thou” in me.

The moment you saw that there is no thou, you felt a relief without understanding clearly why this relief was there. This relief appeared to be mysterious, but it is very simple, there is no mystery in it. Seeing no thou in me, for the first time, without being aware, you lost your ego; they both disappear together.

It is certainly a joy to find a master in whom there is no person, but only a presence, because the person is mortal, and the presence is divine and immortal. That which appeared to you as absence, nothingness, emptiness, soon will be realized as the presence of the divine. The moment the ego dies, God is born.

So one step more and your journey is complete. Some day you will see, looking into my eyes, the feeling, the taste of godliness. Then you have arrived home, then the disciple has gone through a transformation - he has become a devotee. And that is the highest stage on the path of spiritual growth.

The master does not exist; the disciple exists, and slowly, slowly the master has to persuade the disciple to disappear.

The whole function of the master is to make you also empty, absent of yourself, so that God can be present in you. And eyes are certainly the only doors, the only windows from where you can reach to the ultimate depths of consciousness.

Just one step more.you have been going perfectly right, but don’t stop here. The emptiness has to become fullness, the absence has to become presence. In that moment the master is not there, the disciple is not there - just a merging of two flames into one flame.

This is true communion, the true meeting. This is the communion for which everybody is longing, unknowingly. And this is the communion which is causing continuous strife between lovers. It cannot happen between lovers, but the deep-down desire is for this moment, this peak of becoming one.

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