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Chapter 10: Blessed Are the Rich

These people are strange - so programmed, so conditioned that they cannot listen to the truth. I have no enmity with Mother Teresa. But if she writes to me that she prays to God to forgive me.. I have not committed any sin, I have not committed any crime - why should I be forgiven? And I have not given her my power of attorney to pray for me. And if I say this, you are disturbed that I criticized Mother Teresa.

This clergyman was leaving yesterday; he had packed, he was so angry. But then he decided to write all these questions, and decided to listen to what I am going to say. I think after today it will be difficult for him to remain one more day.

Mother Teresa has many orphanages in India. Why in India? Why not in Christian countries? A simple fact.. Those orphans in India she collects from the streets - urchins - and then converts them to Catholicism. It is a politics of numbers. In each of her orphanages there are hundreds of orphans who are being taught Christianity - Catholicism more particularly.

Those orphans are born either of Hindus or Mohammedans; none of them belong to Christianity. But to increase the numbers of Catholics in the world - because numbers mean power - she feeds them, clothes them, provides medical facilities; hence even stupid Hindus and Mohammedans think she is a saint. She is a sheer, dirty politician.

One man with his wife, from America, went to Mother Teresa to adopt a child, because they were childless and the doctors had said that there was no possibility - physiologically they could not have a child; it would be better to adopt one. Mother Teresa said, “You can choose. We have beautiful boys, girls - seven hundred.” But she forgot to ask what their religion was. She assumed they must be Catholics; only Catholics come there.

And as she remembered she had not asked their religion, she asked them. They said, “We are Protestant Christians.” Now there was a great silence. She said, “Excuse me. Right now we don’t have one orphan to give you.” Just a moment before there were seven hundred orphans; now there is not even a single one. And the man and the woman, the couple, were neither Mohammedan, nor Buddhist, nor Hindu. They were Christians - but they were not Catholic Christian, they were Protestant Christian.

They wrote a letter to the newspapers describing the whole story, and saying, “This is strange. We were turned away, we were not taken in. We had no idea that those children are only provided for adoption by Catholics.”

When I wrote to her, asking, “What is this nonsense? What is going on?” she tried to convince me that what she had done was right. She said, “Yes, there were orphans, but because they had been brought up according to Catholicism, they would not fit into a Protestant family.”

Cannot I be allowed to ask her, “Why in the first place have they been brought up according to Catholicism? They were not born Catholics. If you want to teach them religion, then the Hindu orphans should be taught according to Hinduism. If they are Mohammedan, they should be taught Mohammedanism.

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