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Chapter 3: Religion and Education

Religion is a path. No path can be traveled just by knowing about it. You can only travel a path by walking it.

The greatest respect a man can show religion is to live it, to use it. The man who only talks about it but does not live it betrays his non-belief in his own words and thoughts.

A religious life is not an impractical one. Nor is a virtuous life.

The truth of religion can only be known to the degree it is lived. Unless it is lived it cannot be known. Living it is knowing it. To those who imagine they can know religion without living it a religious life may appear impractical, but unless they live it they will never be able to understand it.

When a man is walking in the darkness the lamp he carries only lights a few feet in front of him. Only as he walks along is the path ahead of him illumined. The path of religion is the same. But if the man with the lamp stops and says to himself, “This is such a tiny lamp. Its light is so weak, the way is so long and the night is so dark,” is it any wonder it seems impractical to him to continue on his way by the light of his lamp?

It is very easy to die for religion, but very difficult to live for it. Actually, it is always easy to die for some cause. All that is needed is a kind of madness. Dying happens in a moment, so even a single moment of insanity is quite enough. But to live, awareness and wakefulness are essential.

Only those who live for religion know religion. Those who martyr themselves for religion do not know it at all.

Whatever drive there is in a man’s life, whatever evolution there is, whatever touch of glory there is, only comes as a result of daredevil courage. What I mean by daredevil courage is accepting life’s invitation to insecurity, possessing a love for the new and the unknown, finding joy in risking one’s all. The man who is not prepared to take risks may exist, but he is not alive.

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