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Chapter 16: A Trusting Heart

It is quite natural for the mind to stop you from meditating because it knows that meditation means entering an abyss, and the mind will not return unscathed. Actually, it will simply not survive the journey of meditation. Zen masters call meditation “the state of no-mind”.

This sutra is also saying the same thing: the ultimate reality cannot be attained through mind or speech or eyes. You can go on searching through the senses, but the senses can only come into contact with the material. Every sense has its own limit: the eyes can see but cannot hear, the ears can hear but cannot see. But if someone tries to listen with his eyes then he will be in difficulty. The limitation of eyes is that they can see, the limitation of ears is that they can hear, the limitation of the hand is that it can touch and the limit of the nose is that it can smell. One sense can only do one job, it cannot do the work of another sense.

The work of mind is to think, to ponder. Mind can repeat what has been stored in its memory: mind is like a computer, you have to feed it beforehand. First you give it food and then it goes on chewing on it. Now there are amazing computers that can work better than a human mind. What would take years for the most efficient scientist to do a computer can do in seconds. But the difficulty with a computer is that first you have to feed it with data; if you don’t feed it then it cannot do anything.

Mind also has to be fed. Suppose you are a Hindu: what is the meaning of being a Hindu? - it means that the Hindu religion has been fed into your mind, it means nothing more than that. You are a Jaina or a Mohammedan, a Christian or a Buddhist - what does it mean? It only means that in your childhood the Jaina religion has been fed into your computer and it goes on thinking only in that way. The Hindu religion has been put into somebody’s computer and the Mohammedan religion has been put into someone else’s and the person goes on thinking, goes on chewing on the same information and thinks that he is a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Christian. Actually he is none of these things. Man is simply born as a human being, everything else has been fed into his mind.

Mind is created by the society. If you were born in a Hindu family but from your very childhood you were left in a Mohammedan family and brought up there, then you will be a Mohammedan, not a Hindu. Then you will bow down to the Koran and you might even feel like burning the Gita. From where do all these ideas come? - others are teaching you all these things. This is why all the religions catch hold of children from a very young age. All the religions want to give religious instructions to young children because once a child escapes from the religious teaching, then it will be very difficult to teach him later on. Before the age of seven, when the child’s understanding is not yet awakened, everything needs to be filled in his mind. Then he will go on chewing it for his whole life.

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