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Chapter 39: Donkeys Carrying Great Scriptures

From what you have said about masters who preceded you, it seems that none, or very few of them, had love as a basis for the master/disciple relationship. Buddha’s compassion seems cool and distant.
Gurdjieff must have always remained an enigma to those around him. They must have admired him, but one doesn’t get the impression that they loved him.
And it seems Krishnamurti never allowed people intimate contact with him.
While awareness is the greatest key I have received from you, I know I would never persevere if it weren’t for the love you emit, and the love that you evoke in us.
Would you please comment?

It is true that the masters of the past have not only been cool, they have been really cold. They had to be, according to their own standpoint. Love was the most dangerous thing in their view. The whole past of man is dominated by religions which are against life, against love, against joyfulness, against celebration.

In fact, in the eyes of so-called religions life is a curse, it is a sin.

According to the Western religions, man is born out of sin and life is a punishment - because Adam and Eve disobeyed God.

This is such an irrelevant idea, what Adam and Eve did. Thousands of generations have passed, but every man still carries the same sin, and life is a punishment. Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden as a punishment, that’s how life began; and unless you go backwards renouncing life, its joys - even renouncing the fruits of the tree of knowledge - you will not be able to enter into the garden of God again. You can enter again only when you have renounced everything that life gives to you.

In the Eastern religions there is a different interpretation, but pointing to the same thing. You are born because of your past lives’ evil acts, and you are born to suffer the consequences of them as a punishment, and you will continue to be born again and again until the moment you have cleaned yourself totally. It may take thousands of lives, and only then you will be accepted back into the divine, into the truth.

So one thing is certain, that all the religions - whether Eastern or Western - agree on one point, that life is not something to be proud of, it is something to be ashamed of. And these masters of the past were part of the milieu in which they were born.

They managed to rebel against many things, but this is very fundamental, the whole religiousness has depended on it, that man has to cut himself completely from any love, any intimacy towards the other. He has to be absolutely independent and alone.

Naturally they were afraid, and they were cold.

And this is one of the reasons that all the religions are against me, because I am taking their very foundation stone away.

To me religiousness means warmth, to me religiousness means lovingness. To me religion does not mean that you have to be a stone - make your heart a stone. To me it means that you have to melt into thousands of intimacies, that you have to disappear, and just a lovingness remains.

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