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Chapter 6: If You Can Get It, Get It

And all this energy can change the poverty of the world. We have so many nuclear weapons already in the Soviet Union and America that we can destroy this earth seven hundred times. Now, it is going to be simply idiotic to produce more. For what? Do you think a person will resurrect seven hundred times? Even Jesus could not do it one time. Resurrection is not possible.

I am against all arms, but that does not mean that I am an old-fashioned nonviolent philosopher. I am not in favor of Jesus Christ’s statement, that if somebody slaps you on one cheek, give him the other too. That is insulting - insulting to the other person. It makes him dehumanized. it reduces him below you. You become a god, by giving the other cheek.

There cannot be a bigger insult to anybody. No, I would like you to hit the other man more strongly than he has slapped you, to make him feel that you are also human and we are brothers; nobody is higher and nobody is lower.

But there is no need of arms. Man had created arms in the beginning because man is the most weak animal in the whole existence. No animal carries arms. Still you cannot fight with a lion or a tiger, or even a monkey. Man had to create arms to substitute the missing power in him. He was delicate, and he was surrounded by wild animals. There was a reason to have arms - and arms that can be used from far away, because if you are too close to the lion, even with the arms, you may not be able to survive. Arrows were invented, so that from far away, sitting behind the trees, you can kill. Guns were created so that from far away, hiding, you can kill.

But now you are not surrounded by wild animals; you have killed them. You have destroyed so much of nature and wildness. You don’t need any arms at all. You are surrounded by human beings. Be human to them, don’t try to be a god to them. That is a very subtle insult, and inhuman.

You are asking me about AIDS. I will remain always against it, because I am against everything that is a perversion or a by-product of perversion. AIDS is the ultimate by-product of homosexuality. I am not only against AIDS, I am against homosexuality. I am not only against homosexuality, I am against all those people who have created homosexuality. You will be surprised to know that all your religions are responsible for homosexuality for two reasons.

First, they separated the monks to live with other monks, nuns with other nuns. Now, keeping men alone together for years, women together for years, is creating a situation where homosexuality is bound to happen. Homosexuality is a contribution of your religions.

Man is not born homosexual. In the wild, no animal is homosexual. But in the Zoo, if the females are not available, the animals turn to homosexuality. That shows intelligence - they have to find a way for their biology. And if in monasteries, nunneries, people became homosexuals and lesbians, who is responsible?

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