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Chapter 2: Raise the Temple of Consciousness

And when they were torturing those people on the traction machine, sometimes the legs would come out, sometimes the arms would be broken. Sometimes the head would be stretched so much that the woman would start saying, “I confess that I have been having sex with the devil.” And once she confessed, then they told her how to describe the devil: that he has two horns, that his sexual machinery is forked - all the details that she had to confess in a special court appointed by the pope, the grand jury. The poor woman has to accept it; otherwise they will torture her to death. So what is the point? She knows that confessing it means being burnt, but death seems to be more peaceful than this life of continuous torture.

More people have been killed by the Christian church than by anybody else.

Karl Marx was reacting to these two religions, which are not religions at all but fictions, superstitions, cults. He was not aware of Taoism, he was not aware of Lao Tzu, he was not aware of Gautam Buddha and Mahavira. He was not aware that there are religions in the world which don’t believe in God, which don’t believe in prayer, which don’t believe in heaven and hell. Because of this unawareness of the whole Eastern phenomenon, he created communism as materialism, dialectical materialism.

It was out of ignorance. Otherwise I have absolute trust that if he had been aware of the Eastern research into the interior space of man.Karl Marx was not an ordinary being, but a very extraordinarily intelligent person. He would have understood that Christianity and Judaism are not the only religions in the world.

Buddhism has not killed a single person, and converted the whole of Asia just by simple dialogue, just by intellectual conversation, just by leading people into meditation.

Karl Marx was right in his reaction against Christianity and Judaism. There is certainly no God as a creator. And because he denied God, as a corollary - a logical corollary - he denied the human soul. It was not his experience, it was simply a logical thing. To accept the human soul, which is not material, would be self-contradictory in his philosophy.

By vocation I am a logician, and by mistake I am a mystic. But my mistake has paid me tremendously. Now I know that logic is just mental gymnastics.

All the conclusions derived by Marx were based on logic, were based on thinking, philosophizing. He was not aware at all that there is something like meditation, that there is some way to go inwards.

And the human soul, the human spirit, is not a by-product of matter. It has its own existence. The matter in the body seems to be alive, only because of the presence of consciousness in it. Once the consciousness leaves the body, the body is simply dead, a corpse.

But because Karl Marx had no experience of meditation.And the West was not the right place for meditation; the whole Western mind was objective, and both Judaism and Christianity are objective - their God is outside. There is no God outside, it is fiction.

Karl Marx was denying fiction, not religiousness, but he thought this fiction was the only religiousness. Based on Karl Marx’s logic, the Soviet Union - the first communist country, the greatest experiment in the whole history of mankind - has remained hollow within. There is a deep urge for significance, for meaning, for eternity.

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