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Chapter 46: Energy Moves Better When It Is Warmer

I am all for life. Your so-called religions are all against life, they are anti-life. Naturally they have to be as cold as a corpse.

I would like my sannyasins to be living totally and multi-dimensionally, even in small things - bringing their whole being to a focus. And if you can start living moment to moment in different ways - but always total - Vipassana will happen to you more easily than you can conceive because you have never seen anything happening so easily, without effort, on its own accord. You can force yourself to sit in silence and remain awake. I don’t teach that kind of Vipassana. I teach a Vipassana that follows you like a shadow, as a by-product of your total living.

The forty days and forty nights that Jesus spent in the wilderness - did he meditate? - he never mentions meditation if he had known of it.
Just what did he get up to out there?

He did not meditate. If he could have meditated the shape of things in the world would have been different. What he did in those forty days and forty nights was prayer. Prayer to a god which he knows not. No one knows whether he exists or not.

Millions of people have been praying and the sky remains utterly indifferent; no answer, no response.

The whole ideology of Jesus and Christianity is based on fiction. It is a religious fiction. The same is true about all the religions which are religions of prayer.

There are two kinds of religions in the world: religions of prayer and religions of meditation.

The religions of prayer are fictitious because they begin from the very beginning with a belief in a god. Belief is not knowing, and belief cannot destroy your doubt. At the most it can repress, it can cover up your doubt, but underneath the belief you are always suspecting whether your belief is true or not. Doubt dies on its own accord when you know something; then there is no question of doubt.

Belief carries doubt with it.

And to make the belief system strong, prayer is the method. First the god is bogus - you create the god out of your fear, it is a phobia, and then you start praying to that god which is your own creation.

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