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Chapter 1: Religion: Knowing through Feeling

Science is also a part. Philosophy, too, is a part. Only religion can be the whole, because in religion we are not dividing the objective and the subjective. We are taking the reality as it is - the whole. This whole cannot be thought about; this whole can only be felt. So religion is knowing through feeling.

India has been leaning more and more from thinking toward feeling. The Indian mind - or the Eastern mind - has been non-thinking, non-speculative, nonscientific, and religious. So all religions were born in the East, even Christianity. The West has not given birth to a single religion. All religions were born in the East: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainaaism, Sikhism. The Eastern mind has looked through a third dimension. That can be called its basic contribution, but don’t call it “Indian.”

I am using the term just to make it clear to you. But don’t call it “Indian,” just call it “religious” - because in the West, too, there have been persons like Eckhart, Bohme, Heidegger, Marcel and Berdayev.there have been persons in the West, too, who were religious. In a way they were Eastern, but born in the West.

There have also been persons in the East who were not religious, who were thinking in terms of science. The first glimpses of science came in China, but they could not be developed in the East because the Eastern mind has become obsessed with the third dimension, the religious. And the West could not develop a religious tradition because the West has become obsessed with the scientific. And, too, there have been persons of a philosophical leaning in both the West and the East.

Now a new world is evolving, a new man is coming out of the historical process - a man of the future who will be neither of the East nor of the West. A new mind is coming into being: a global mind, universal. So we have to discard our obsessions. The East has to discard its obsession with the third dimension, the religious, and the West has to discard its obsession with the first dimension, the empirical, the scientific. And we have to see the world, the reality, through all these three dimensions. Only then, a synthesized knowledge, a knowledge which is total, can be gained through all the doors that are potential to human beings everywhere.

A person becomes a whole when he becomes three-dimensional - simultaneously philosophic, religious and scientific. If these three dimensions are simultaneously in the mind, then the mind knows reality through all the doors of perception.

But as you have asked “What is the basis of Indian philosophy?” I will say religion is the basic attitude - the door of feeling, We have used feeling as a means of knowing.

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