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Chapter 16: This Moment: The Golden Key

I have heard that once in a town there were five brothers; each was worse than the other. The eldest brother died. The whole town had a great sense of relief; everybody was happy that one troublemaker was gone. But the tradition of the town was that when somebody dies, before you put him on the funeral pyre, somebody has to speak a few words in his honor. Now everybody was at a loss because they could not find any word in his honor.

Finally an old man stood up, and he said, “Compared to his four brothers he was a saint.”

I was in India, and I spoke on every problem that that country is facing - and more or less every country is facing. But no politician was ready to listen, for the simple reason that whatever I was saying was against their vested interest. No religious leader was ready to listen. It went against their profession, their business.

In India, attempts on my life were made. The last attempt on my life was made when ten thousand sannyasins were present - just in a morning discourse. The police got somewhere, from someone, a message that a few people had gone to the meeting and they were going to throw a knife at Osho. So twenty police officers arrived in time.

The knife was thrown at me. Twenty police officers were eyewitnesses. It is very rare that twenty high-ranking police officers are eyewitnesses, and ten thousand sannyasins are eyewitnesses. Still, the man was released by the court.

The magistrate privately apologized to me. The said, “The political and the religious pressure is so much - that man belongs to a fanatic Hindu religious party, and to punish him will create chaos in the country. And the political pressure is there, because that man has immense power over many voters. If he is punished, then the politician who is being elected by his constituency will not have a chance.” And the magistrate said, “I am an ordinary man, and they are threatening me that if I do something, then my future is finished, then there is no promotion for me.”

Now the president can say that the country is full of evil, and why have I left the country? Now he can condemn me, because I have left the country.

The country was full of evil when I was there. No politician had the guts even to have contact with me, because if the public knew that the prime minister or the president had some connection with me, it would have been dangerous to his political future.

They knew what I was saying was true, and if they had listened to me, the country would not have been facing all the kinds of evil that it is facing today.

What are the problems in India in particular? They are the problems of the whole world in general.

Fifty percent of India’s population is just starving. Soon India will be a bigger Ethiopia - Ethiopia is a small country. Fifty percent of Indians means four hundred million people. And if fifty percent of the country is dying, the remaining fifty percent cannot live in the country of the dead. There is every possibility they will revolt, every possibility they will turn communist - every possibility.

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